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Marketing to Millennials: NY Digital Marketing Strategist Kris Ruby discusses how to attract a millennial audience

Millennial Marketing Expert Kris Ruby was recently on RT America discussing marketing to millennials. Click here to watch the full segment HOW TO MARKET TO MILLENNIALS The job retention rate of millennials is significantly lower than baby boomers. Is this because they are a more high maintenance generation? Millennials crave experiences over possessions. This massively… Read more »

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Public Relations Strategist Kris Ruby on Fox News

Public Relations and branding expert Kris Ruby was recently on Fox News sharing discussing how social media has changed the retail experience.   The Rise of Social Shopping HOLIDAY SHOPPING ONLINE CHANGED RETAIL How Buying Decisions are influenced by social media What was once a family tradition of shopping together for the holidays at the… Read more »

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How Social Media Can Impact Marriage & Divorce

NY Social Media Expert Kris Ruby was recently on RT America with NY Divorce Attorney James Sexton discussing how Social Media Can Impact Divorce Proceedings. Can Social Media Harm Your Marriage? Click here to watch the full segment.   Social Media Cheating Signs The impact of social media on relationships Many people do not realize the… Read more »

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