Public Relations

High Visibility Media Placements

RMG has a stellar track record of securing press placements in local, national and trade outlets across traditional and digital media channels. We pride ourselves in our ability to extract our clients’ strengths, develop story ideas, and create compelling news angles to ensure that journalists use our clients as story sources and topic thought leaders.

  • Strategic, creative, measurable campaigns to increase exposure
  • Concise press kits for effective pitches that cut through the clutter
  • Continuous coverage with creative pitches to maintain brand visibility
  • Corporate community outreach for giving back on a local level
  • Research and targeted media list creation
  • Fielding journalist inquiries on behalf of clients

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Social Media Driven PR

Return on Relationship

Today’s most effective PR campaigns are those that are cohesively integrated across social media and traditional PR channels. RMG utilizes social media to share press placements, connect with bloggers, and get on the radar of editors while executing multi-platform campaigns.

  • Custom media list Twitter follows to get on high-profile journalists’ radar
  • Searching for and pitching journalist queries in real time
  • Social media connects with reporters to build an ongoing relationship
  • Custom press and news albums to share mentions with your customers

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Corporate Executive Branding

Digital PR Thought Leadership

Have you ever wanted your own column in a high-profile media outlet to distinguish yourself as a thought leader? Being a subject matter expert is the best way to ensure continued media coverage. It also helps secure speaking engagements, and establish opinion leader status. Through columns, articles, guest blogging and op ed pieces, we amplify your personal brand to secure maximum exposure. We make sure your social media profiles are optimized and indexed, and help you interact with colleagues and prospects online.

  • Secure op ed pieces in traditional and digital trade publications
  • Arrange for guest authorship in targeted outlets
  • Procure targeted partnerships with on-brand outlets for content distribution
  • Secure editorial columns in the key publications for your target audience
  • Assist in executive biography development

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Strategic Partnership Development

High Synergy Partnerships

RMG has a strong track record of success executing brand partnerships for national brands throughout the U.S. We will vet, secure, and execute on-brand partnerships to drive your PR campaigns forward, and achieve maximum community outreach. After carefully evaluating your business goals and PR objectives, we will propose top partners to increase PR campaign activation. We consistently identify and evaluate relevant opportunities on a local and national scale to drive brand partnerships, awareness and sales.

  • Identify and evaluate sponsorship opportunities for targeted brand recognition
  • Propose local opportunities for community outreach with strategic alliances
  • Negotiate deals with publications and potential partners for sponsorships
  • Execute new brand partnerships to drive awareness and leads

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Content Creation

Customized Brand Storytelling

RMG creates content that will differentiate you as a thought leader and supplement your PR campaign to drive editors’ interest in your brand. Through proprietary sentiment analysis software, we can measure engagement and brand mentions in 23 top social media platforms and 150 million articles and blogs daily. By combining active social media management, dynamic custom content creation, and digital PR, we are able to drive traffic to your business and capture qualified, multi-dimensional leads.

  • Optimized content distribution
  • Conversation monitoring
  • Determining communication channels and targeting
  • Creating compelling, keyword-rich content for maximum SEO

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Social Media Management

Community Engagement

It’s more important than ever to know what drives customers. Fortunately, today’s technology gives us remarkable insight for doing just that. Through proprietary sentiment analysis and global analytics software, we can measure the number of brand mentions and engagement. RMG manages a wide variety of social media channel activities on behalf of clients, from content creation to graphics development, engagement monitoring to lead optimization.

  • Align social media strategy with business and communication objectives
  • Social media optimization and custom content creation
  • Hosted original content (blog)
  • Guest blog syndication
  • Lead Profile™ Tracking System to measure digital reputation
  • Responding to crisis communications in real-time technology

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