NY Social Media Strategist Kris Ruby on Fox News discussing Covington Social Media Outrage

New York Social Media Strategist Kris Ruby of Ruby Media Group was recently on Fox News discussing the Covington controversy and the social media outrage that transpired. Click here to watch the full segment.



Social Media has had a detrimental impact on society. But one area that is often not covered is how social media has impacted younger citizens who find themselves smack in the middle of public controversy and media attention.

Every public figure is vulnerable to being destroyed. But so are young people, who often lack the financial means or PR teams to handle a public cancellation.

In a recent Twitter Spaces discussion, Nicholas Sandmann discussed how his life has changed. Sandmann urged Kyle Rittenhouse to sue the media for defamation with a libel lawsuit.

“There is no way it doesn’t change you. There is no going back to the person I was before.”

Almost three years later, Sandmann described the impacts of social media on his life. He encouraged other social media users to stand strong in their fight against the media who find themselves in a similar situation.

“Where is the meaning in life and the reason to continue If I shrink away? You are not fighting in vain,” said Sandmann. 

The role of the media in cancel culture:

“As a young person, you really haven’t built a reputation with the outside world. It’s a blank canvas and the media can paint you however they want. They are a biased activist machine.”

“There is a giant head start that exists when the media decides to start talking. I would have hoped they thought more before they decided to publish and they didn’t.”

“They have written our character before we have had the chance to build it up.”

“We haven’t had the chance to make a name for ourselves. They have written the story before we had a chance to write it.”

How cancel culture impacts employment:

“Companies don’t want to hire us and involve themselves in the attention we bring.”

“How many future law firms won’t hire either of us now because of what has happened? This erased our chance at a normal life and being looked at fairly.”

“The media wants to make me the new face of something. I want to be able to define what I support. I am hesitant to be the face of the cause when I am not sure what I want.”



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