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AI in Journalism

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Journalism   Artificial intelligence adoption expands to newsrooms across the country. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already having a significant impact on journalism, and this impact is likely to exponentially grow over the next decade. What does this mean for the future of journalism? Artificial intelligence will disrupt every industry, and yes,… Read more »

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Facebook Dating Privacy Concerns

Ruby Media Group CEO was recently on TD Ameritrade discussing the launch of Facebook Dating in The United States as well as privacy concerns. What is the cost of not accelerating innovation? Competition drives progress and growth. Social media companies are constantly trying to reinvent themselves with innovative products such as Facebook dating, Instagram Threads,… Read more »

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NY Social Media Strategist Kris Ruby on Fox News Discussing Social Media Algorithms

Social Media Algorithmic Misfire: Analyzing YouTube’s Notre Dame Algorithm Fail NYC Social Media Strategist Kris Ruby of Ruby Media Group was recently on Fox News discussing social media algorithms.  YouTube linked the Notre Dame fire to 9/11 and Twitter wrongly flagged tweets for sensitive content. Why can’t social media platforms get it right? Watch to… Read more »

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