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30 Tips to Boost Your Instagram Marketing

INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS TIPS  Keep your followers entertained and engaged with educational and informative content.  Get people talking about your company with these Instagram marketing business tips. There are 1 billion active users on Instagram every month, and every day, 4.2 billion photos are liked. With Instagram, the quality of the posts are much more important… Read more »

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Marketing to Millennials: NY Digital Marketing Strategist Kris Ruby discusses how to attract a millennial audience

Millennial Marketing Expert Kris Ruby was recently on RT America discussing marketing to millennials. Click here to watch the full segment HOW TO MARKET TO MILLENNIALS The job retention rate of millennials is significantly lower than baby boomers. Is this because they are a more high maintenance generation? Millennials crave experiences over possessions. This massively… Read more »

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Why Content Marketing is Critical in the Age of Visual Marketing

Visual Content Marketing Strategy What is visual content marketing? Visual content marketing is the process of using graphic content to market to a target audience. Visual content marketing can include social media graphics, audiograms of podcast interviews, signature branded images and even video content. Marketing without content is like diving without a life jacket. It… Read more »

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