How Caitlyn Outshined Bruce: The PR Campaign behind @Caitlyn_Jenner

While Kim Kardashian may have broken the Internet, Caitlyn Jenner unified it. This Vanity Fair cover was set to cause much controversy, but instead it turned into something much more extraordinary, especially with the carefully crafted PR plan. Love it or hate it, the PR plan was executed well.

Kris Ruby of Ruby Media Group was recently quoted in FOX Business discussing the inner workings of the campaign.  Ruby stated, “They expanded their reach, everyone knows Caitlyn’s story now. They reached both audiences.” The most astonishing part of the campaign?  Being able to reach one million followers on Twitter in four hours and three minutes breaking the world record, being the fastest person to reach one million.  Read the full article here



Social Media Expert Kris Ruby on Fox 5 Discussing New App Happy or Grumpy

Kris Ruby was recently featured on FOX 5 discussing the latest new app HappyGrumpy. Ruby said,“If they find out  that they are a grumpy person, they can adapt their social media accordingly and start putting out some positive affirmation tweets or some more positive things from their Instagram that they are linking over.”  With this service, it will be easier for people to track their content through this website for what they are putting out to their followers. Charts will display which social media accounts are more emotional, happy and grumpy. It is crucial to keep track if you have a decent following so you don’t push away followers from your personal account or even your business. We typed in “sparklingruby”, Kristen’s personal account; it appears that she is, in fact happy! No surprise there 🙂

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