Nomophobia and other top stories in the nation

Social Media Expert Kris Ruby was on Fox & Friends discussing ‘Nomophobia’ and the hottest stories in the nation.

Top Stories in the Nation- Ruby Weighs in!

Miss Delaware- Media Strategy Miss? There is a difference between a short term vs. long term media strategy. If you check social media, most people will side with Miss Delaware after her media appearance today. However, it will fizzle out quickly because she didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to tie this into a larger issue that many Americans face besides her- ageism. As a PR consultant, I would have told her to be cheery (not cry), to not complain and to keep her composure. She had an opportunity for America take her side on this (for the long term) if she shared her story and tied it into a larger issue of age discrimination. Don’t complain – the larger story here is ageism – raise awareness about that, not about losing your crown.

Friend Zone Do I think the friend zone exists? Absolutely! However, we are seeing a resurgence back to traditional methods of dating- and why not start with a friend you actually know vs. someone you have never met on an online dating app? We have seen countless movies about friends falling in love including:

  • When Harry Met Sally
  • No Strings Attached
  • Friends with Benefits

Instead of looking at the friend zone as a bad place, view it as an opportunity to date someone who you already know really well!

Smartphone Dinner Etiquette DYK Nomophobia (fear of being without your smartphone) affects 40% of the population? The best way to leverage social media is to BE social, so you have content to post after your social activities on social media. The problem today is that everyone is actually being anti social with obsessive social media checking at the dinner table. Rather then being present and engaging with the people around them, they are using social media to replace their real life social interactions.  My advice? If you want to succeed in your social life, put away your phone or you will irritate people so much that they won’t even want to take a photo with you after dinner to post on your social media! Focus on being present with those around you and forming real relationships. Fox and friends Nomophobia Nomophobia

Westchester County Business Journal: Fusing social media and PR to succeed

When Ruby Media Group was founded five years ago, social media and public relations were still viewed as different service categories for businesses. Executives wanted to jump on the social media bandwagon and were interested in either PR or social media.

Today, there are numerous social media companies all over this region, and all of the traditional PR agencies have added social media as one of their integral service offerings.

The agency model of the future is one that seamlessly combines PR and social media. Agencies that continue with the old model of only being a social media agency (without PR) or a PR agency (without social media capabilities) will be left behind. Today, clients want a full-service approach. From content creation to promotion and distribution, clients want one agency handling their social media and PR needs.

The top PR and social media changes over the past five years include:

• Social Driven PR: The days of “cold” pitching are dead. Social Media has changed the pitching process. Journalists now want to put a face to the avatar. Agencies that embrace the social driven PR model understand how to leverage these tools to get maximum exposure. With the plethora of data available to PR practitioners today, one of the biggest ways to get ignored by journalists is not to read what they write on social media. It is better to pitch a story to a journalist based on what they are writing about in that moment vs. pitching something that is not relevant to what they are covering.

• Data Analysis: Five years ago, executives wanted to know “What is social media and should I use it?” Today, executives want to know, “What is my social media content strategy and how can I maximize it to increase campaign results?” Expectations of social media measurement and analytics have also increased. Clients want to see an ROI (return on investment) on all social media and PR spends. Calculating media impressions, Facebook fan likes or website visits is not enough to stay competitive today. Social media and PR campaign goals must be linked to overall business objectives to create maximum results. Agencies that fully embrace this model will win in the new economy.

• Social Strategic Planning: The most effective campaigns today link back to an increase in overall business growth. For example, a successful campaign could be measured by an increase in new diners, members or customers by X percent. The best way to measure this is through benchmarking and data analysis. The expectation of PR practitioners as “data analysts” has become standard. Benchmarking is critical in determining campaign results.

• Interactive Sponsorships: From a PR and advertising perspective, there has been a big shift in client’s expectations on ROI of sponsorships. It is no longer enough to purchase a sponsorship to “get the brand out there.” Clients want to strategically align their brands with event sponsorships that link back to an increase in business. The sponsorship model of the future will be more interactive and give clients an opportunity to engage directly with prospects vs. standing behind a table collecting leads. The most effective sponsorships will embrace the new mindset of Westchester Executives and understand how to meet their needs.

• Traditional is back: We are seeing a renaissance back to traditional media. There is inherently more “trust” in the editorial offering of print based outlets vs. digital. With everyone as their own publisher, executives yearn for the fact checking that comes along with traditional media. High profile media mentions in print publications are still extremely important.

The old agency model is dead. Social media has become commoditized. The agencies that will win in social are those who are leveraging talent with strong journalism and graphic design skills. Content is king and the medium has become more visual. Look to hire former journalists or graphic designers when hiring social media content managers. Journalists know how to write copy that is compelling and elicits feedback from fans. Agencies that will win in the new economy will fully embrace an integrated, 360-degree approach to social media marketing and brand development.

Kristen Ruby is the CEO of Ruby Media Group, a full service public relations and social media agency in Westchester, Greenwich and Manhattan that is now 5 years old. Ruby Media Group specializes in creating strategic, creative and measureable PR and social media campaigns. For more information, visit

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PR and social media

RMG CEO and Westchester Social Media Expert to Lead Social Media Program

Learn How to Leverage Social Media in the Financial Sector from Westchester Social Media Expert Kris Ruby

Still unsure of the latest compliance regulations for social media in the financial industry? Join Kristen Ruby, President and Founder of Westchester Social Media & PR Agency Ruby Media Group, to learn how your firm can leverage social media channels to build a personal brand while navigating through the corporate maze of strict compliance regulations. Ruby will speak on leveraging social media in the financial sector at the March 11th Financial Planning Association-Greater Hudson Valley Chapter Dinner meeting from 8:00 am-10 am at Sam’s of Gedney Way in White Plains on March 11, 2014.

During the program, Kristen will share her top tips on leveraging social media for corporate branding and will go through live case studies for successful lead generation utilizing new media. Ruby will also discuss:

  • Strengthening Your Online Marketing Presence
  • Integrating Public Relations in your campaign plan
  • How to brand Your Business for growth
  • How to use social media to build brand equity
  • Establishing Circles of Influence on LinkedIN

The presentation will be followed by a Q& A session where she will answer live questions from the audience. Ruby is a frequent on air commentator on FOX, Good Morning America and countless other outlets. Join Kristen Ruby and the Financial Planning Association-Greater Hudson Valley Chapter to learn how to maximize your marketing to build your business from one of the top industry experts.

About Kristen Ruby and Ruby Media Group

Ruby Media Group (RMG) is a full service Public Relations and Social Media Agency in Westchester and Fairfield County.  RMG specializes in creating award winning integrated public relations and social media campaigns. For more information on how Ruby Media Group can help your Westchester County business leverage social media, please visit

About The Financial Planning Association

The Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) is the largest membership organization for CFP® professionals in the U.S. and also includes those who support the financial planning process.

Working in alliance with academic leaders, legislative and regulatory bodies, financial services firms and consumer interest organizations, FPA helps connect all in our membership through a variety of unique and compelling ways.

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Westchester social media expert Kris ruby shares top tips for corporate branding

NY Social Media Agency, RMG’s CEO in Crain’s New York Business

RMG CEO Kris Ruby of NY Social Media Agency Ruby Media Group shares social media recruiting tips in CRAINS NY Business.

Firms turn to Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr to save on recruiting costs.

Read the full article by Eilene Zimmerman here

Looking to hire social media savvy talent? Incorporate hashtags and relevant social media apps to hire!

Here are our top tips for using Instagram and Twitter to hire:

  • Post your latest recruiting ad on Instagram with relevant hashtags
  • Monitor hashtags relevant to your field (#socialmediajobs #PRjobs #socialmedia)
  • Connect with the candidate on social media channels to put a face to the avatar
NY Social Media agency CEO on Crain's NY Buisiness


Ruby Media Group Partners with Lovebugs Rescue to Aid Dogs Without A Voice

Ruby Media Group, a Westchester County Public Relations and Social Media Agency, partnered with Lovebugs Rescue this Valentines Day to help raise awareness for animal rescue. Lovebugs Rescue is a Southern California foster-based animal rescue shelter that works with local animal shelters that are overpopulated to decrease the amount of animals being euthanized unnecessarily.

“We love the animal rescue work that Lovebugs Rescue is committed to and we couldn’t think of a better organization to give back to. We are so excited to lend our PR & Social Media services to help raise awareness for this wonderful organization,” said Ruby Media Group Partner Erin Murphy.

This Valentine’s Day, Ruby Media Group is helping the non-profit organization by assisting in the promotion of Cash for Cupid, a fund drive to benefit Lovebugs Rescue.  During the month of February, show your love by joining Lovebugs Rescue’s Cash for Cupid fundraiser. To donate, simply drop in a dollar in an envelope, or write a check, and mail to: Lovebugs Rescue, PO Box 953, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625. If you don’t have a stamp, don’t worry! You can donate at Each dollar that is received goes towards various necessities to aid Lovebugs Rescue in their quest to help save animals lives and find abandoned animals loving homes. The dollar will go towards spaying/neutering of the dogs, dog food, microchips, vaccines, shelter pull fees and medical needs.

“Lovebugs Rescue is excited about the opportunity to partner with Ruby Media Group so that we may reach a wider audience to share our message about the continuing need to help dogs that have been abandoned and neglected,” said Lovebugs Recuse Founder Heather Peterson. “We are a small foster based dog rescue located in Orange County, California and specifically save dogs that need a higher level of medical care. As a result, we depend greatly on donations from our kind hearted supporters and partners to give us the ability to save dogs that may not otherwise have the opportunity.”

About Ruby Media Group

Ruby Media Group (RMG) is a full service Public Relations and Social Media Agency in Westchester & Fairfield County.  RMG specializes in creating award winning integrated public relations and social media campaigns. For more information, please visit

About Lovebugs Rescue

Lovebugs Rescue is a foster-based animal rescue located in Southern California. Lovebugs Rescue is a non-profit organization under 501(C)(3). The goal of Lovebugs Recue is to work with local animal shelters that are overpopulated so we may lessen the amount of animals being euthanized unnecessarily. For more information, please visit