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Cancel Culture | Brand Management

Cancel Culture | The Playbook for Defending Your Brand  Cancel culture was a key theme at the 2020 Republican National Convention but is it a real worry for brands? This branding expert says yes.     *Date last updated: October 2023 Has your company been impacted by cancel culture backlash? If so, you’re not alone. … Read more »

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B2B Marketing Podcast: How to Develop a PR Plan

  B2B PUBLIC RELATIONS: HOW DO I GET MEDIA EXPOSURE FOR MY COMPANY? Are you interested in building out a thought leadership PR strategy? I was recently a guest on the Predictable B2B Success Podcast hosted by Vinay Koshy. The Predictable B2B Success podcast is a marketing podcast for B2B marketers and public relations professionals…. Read more »

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Women in PR “Publicist Of The Week”

Women In Public Relations Kris Ruby, CEO of Ruby Media Group, was recently named Women in PR’s “Publicist of The Week.” Here is some advice we wanted to share with other aspiring publicists after 12 years of working in the PR industry. PUBLICIST CAREER ADVICE What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs and aspiring… Read more »

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