How to Craft an Effective Editorial Content Calendar to optimize your social media presence

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Happy New Year! Now is the perfect time to start planning your editorial content calendar for 2015. The key to publishing great content is to plan ahead of time. Great content does not come from thin air- it comes from a team of people who take the time to meticulously plan and create it using an editorial calendar.

1) Step 1: Set goals.

Setting an attainable content goal is the first step to publishing quality content. It is imperative to know what you want to achieve before you go into executing a strategy. It’s really this simple: if you have no strategic direction, your content will not be effective. Knowing what you want as the end result of your editorial calendar will make your ideas effortlessly fall into place, tying each month together with a cohesive campaign theme.

2) Step 2: Know what you want to write about

Using an editorial calendar will make creating monthly themes easier to conceptualize. All posts should relate back to an overarching theme that you could monitor through the use of an editorial calendar. Creating a monthly blog around one key central messaging point will keep your followers interested.

3) Step 3: Know who you are writing for.

Before creating an editorial calendar, it is important to know your audience like the back of your hand. What do they want to read about? What posts have they liked in the past? Use your past engagement metrics to create content that is exactly what your audience is looking for. Use these posts as content that you can publish consistently and periodically throughout the month, so you are giving your audience something to look forward to.

4) Step 4: Know where your content will go.

Dividing your calendar by social media channel will help you precisely zero in on your target audience. Each channel has a different set of users; therefore a different voice must be used to appeal to those unique users. For example, a different voice must be used when posting on LinkedIn vs. Twitter. One is a professional networking platform and the other is a more informal social platform.

5) Step 5: Know your frequency limits.

How much can your team handle? It is crucial to be realistic with your team when creating an editorial calendar. If you do not have the time or manpower to execute a blog a day plus social media posts, do not be afraid to scale back! It is better to publish high quality content a few times a month than post poor content that will damage the community of followers you are trying to build. When planning your frequency of posts, it is important to plan content based around how much work will go into each type of post. For example, an attainable publishing frequency may include social media posts 5 days a week, a blog post once per week and an e-book once a month.

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Kris Ruby To Speak at New York Women in Communications Annual Conference at NYU

Westchester PR Agency CEO Shares Career Advice on Succeeding in the Changing Landscape of Communications

On November 22, Kris Ruby, CEO of Westchester PR & Social Media Agency Ruby Media Group, will be speaking at the New York Women in Communications Foundation’s 2014 Student Career Conference. The conference will be held at NYU’s Kimmel Center in New York City. Students and aspiring young professionals seeking advice and tips about pursuing a career in the rapidly evolving communications industry will be attending.  The full day event includes networking opportunities, informative panel discussions, essential career advice, and incomparable access to the industry’s leading experts.

The event will address the swiftly changing disciplines and unfolding opportunities in the communications industry including broadcast and radio, digital content, public relations, advertising, marketing, entertainment, fashion, beauty, food and beverage, social media, entrepreneurship and secrets to a successful job search.

“I am thrilled to be speaking on the Women in Communication Personal Branding Panel and hope my advice will inspire other young women to develop a thriving career in Public Relations,” said Kris Ruby of Ruby Media Group.

Ruby will use her experiences as an agency owner, noted social media expert and on air television commentator to provide young professionals with powerful career advice to building a personal brand.

“Kris Ruby has built a strong brand as a social media expert on network television. She is a force to be reckoned with and I know attendees are going to learn a lot of valuable information from her,” said Brittany Hennessy of New York Women in Communications.

Some of the communications companies represented at the conference will include FOX5, Mashable, Barclays Center, Huffington Post,, Kaplow, ABC-TV, The Muse, LinkedIn, The Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, USA Today, NYC Mayors Office of Media and Entertainment, to name a few. Keynote speakers include Anne Fulenwider, Editor-in-Chief, Marie Claire Magazine and Rachel Sklar, Writer/Editor, Founder of Change The Ratio and


new york women in communications foundation career conference flyer


Top 11 Digital Communications Trends for 2015

Westchester PR Agency CEO Shares Industry Insights with Rye Business Owners at Serendipity Labs 

On November 6th, Kris Ruby, CEO of Westchester PR & Social Media Agency Ruby Media Group, hosted a digital communications workshop at Serendipity Labs in Rye. Over 30 people attended the event. During the workshop, Ruby discussed media budgeting for 2015 and answered Q & A’s from attendees.

“It is important to properly allocate resources for a cross channel strategy that aligns with your overall business objectives. Every solid PR or Social Media plan starts with a cohesive strategy,” said Kris Ruby of Ruby Media Group.

“Kris Ruby gave attendees powerful guidance on allocating media budgets to obtain the greatest exposure,” said Serendipity Labs Corporate Marketing Manager Jodi Gordon. “We wanted to give our members an opportunity to experience an interactive PR and Social Media workshop and the event was a huge success.”

In case you missed the workshop, here are Ruby’s top 11 trends and key ideas to consider when creating a proactive digital communications strategy in 2015.


The most effective campaigns today link back to an increase in overall business growth. For example, a successful campaign could be measured by an increase in new diners, members or customers by X percent. The best way to measure this is through benchmarking and data analysis. The expectation of PR practitioners as “data analysts” has become standard. Benchmarking is critical in determining campaign results. Clients want to see an ROI (return on investment) on all social media and PR spends. Calculating media impressions, Facebook fan likes or website visits is not enough to stay competitive today.


With the rise of social media, traditional media gatekeepers are taken out of the equation. If you want to get your story in the hands of the media, figure out what story you want to tell and what content is valuable to your audience.


Social media is inherently about branding to a focused audience.  It is about the ability to quickly get in front of prospects, current clients and leads, and to establish an online relationship with them and build customer engagement.  Social media marketing differs from traditional marketing in that it does not focus on immediately establishing the value of your services or products, but rather it is about establishing you as an icon and thought leader in the industry—to create an awareness of your name and brand.  It is not a specific advertisement for a given product or service—it is about brand engagement.


Your social media strategy should be in alignment with your business objectives. Be able to identify the message you want people to take away from your company in one sentence. By utilizing the single message content strategy, all content across multiple channels should tie-in to the message you are looking to share.


The best PR campaigns are those that are cohesively integrated between social media and public relations. Social media should be used to complement a PR campaign to drive continued media exposure and interest of editors for your business. Utilize social media to share press placements, connect with bloggers, and get on the radar of editors while executing multi-platform PR campaigns. Use social media such as Twitter to search for and pitch journalist queries in real time and build an ongoing relationship with reporters. One of the best ways to get a journalist to read your pitches is to engage with them on Twitter. Take a vested interest in what they write and re-tweet content that you find useful. Furthermore, use social media to research the beat they cover before you pitch them.


When crafting your message, you need clarity, conciseness and connection. All good stories are simple at their core. Think short sentences, and think of your audience and your unique connection to them before writing content. Content marketing is the new SEO. The goal is to craft relevant content to make it easier for your prospects to find you.


Before crafting an editorial calendar, think about the unique pain points your prospects experience and how you can help solve them. Then, craft content accordingly. All of your content should engage long lead prospects with informative, unique and educational tips that show you are an expert in the field vs. telling them through promotional marketing.


In the new world of media relations, you are essentially selling content. If the content is weak, a blogger risks losing subscribers. Remember, bloggers are only going to push forward interesting content that will increase viewership. Make it easy for the blogger to run your story and you will increase the likelihood of being featured.


From a PR and advertising perspective, there has been a big shift in client’s expectations on ROI of sponsorships. It is no longer enough to purchase a sponsorship to “get the brand out there.” Clients want to strategically align their brands with event sponsorships that link back to an increase in business. The sponsorship model of the future will be more interactive and give clients an opportunity to engage directly with prospects vs. standing behind a table collecting leads. The most effective sponsorships will embrace the new mindset of Westchester Executives and understand how to meet their needs.


Real time marketing is all the rage. Follow the news cycle and look for connections to trending stories. If you have a genuine tie-in to the story, let the media know. If it’s a breaking news day, find any tie in that is truly authentic. This applies to social media marketing and Public Relations campaigns.


The best way to re-engage fans is to measure what is working and what your fans really connect with. One mistake brands make is getting lost in the editorial content calendar shuffle. They are so obsessed with posting and keeping up with the social media rat race that they forget to actually measure what’s working. Pause. If you are not continually measuring what has the greatest impact with your audience, you will lose followers, and it will ultimately damage the value of the community you are trying to create.

Kris Ruby, CEO of Westchester, NY-based Public Relations agency, Ruby Media Group, at a roundtable hosted a digital communications workshop

Top 10 Media Interview Tips

Worried about your next interview with the media? Do not fear! We have created a handy guide of our top interview tips to help you ace your next interview.

Interview tips from Ruby media group

Tech Expert Kris Ruby on The Snappening Snapchat Leak

Following the notorious celebrity nude photo hacking scandal, another massive online leak of 90,000 photos and 9,000 videos have been stolen off the mobile app Snapchat.

There are numerous reports currently flying around on Twitter on whether this is just a “hoax.” Regardless, this is a larger societal issue in social media that needs to be addressed. We need to be having the conversation about digital privacy more openly with our teens. Here’s why:

recent study from Purdue University found that among 21 year olds, 80 percent had sent or received a sext and 46 percent had sent a nude selfie.

Childhood pornography territory: This is not a regular “celeb” photo hack scandal. We are talking about a massive leak of private photos shared between young adults and teenagers. Snapchat claims 50% of its users are between 13-17 years old. So, if you start sharing these photos, you are basically sharing child pornography.

Snappening Implications:  There are long-term implications here for teens who may have been victimized. Any time you take a photo using these apps it could end up in the wrong hands. But how are these young adults going to respond when their nude photos are posted around the Internet? They are not celebrities with high-powered attorneys and managers behind them. They are teenagers in high school who stand to lose everything. I worry about the real implication this will have on their digital reputation for the long run including suicide risk from cyberbullying.

Digital Privacy doesn’t exist: Even if the snappening is a hoax, the notion of digital privacy is the real hoax. It doesn’t exist! What you think its private isn’t, and if you don’t want your reputation tarnished for the long run, re-think what you are sending. And, think about how your parents will react when they see these photos online!

snapchat snappening leak

Insider Secrets to Crafting the Perfect Pitch

Today we listened to former CBS News Executive Producer Batt Humphrey’s Webinar on Media relations. His focus was on how to create pitches that earn broadcast coverage. Humphrey’s is a former CBS News executive with 20 years experience in network television.  Humphrey’s tips were so spot on that we felt compelled to share them with you! He discussed his experience as the Executive Producer of a network morning show, how media focus can shift at the drop of a hat, and how to craft your story to get traction in your target media outlet. If you want to learn how to make the media want to cover your story, think like a producer and read some of our top takeaway tips below.

What is a Producers job?

To find the best story. The best stories make the best media segments. Once you understand how producers think, you will be better equipped to craft the right pitch to tell your story.

Life’s a Pitch

Crafting the best pitch

  • Before sending a pitch, think of yourself standing in front of all of the producers during their morning meeting. Can you honestly see someone going to bat for your story idea and pushing it forward in the morning editorial meeting? If not, then don’t send it.
  • You are essentially selling content. If your content is not good, the network risks losing viewers. They are only going to push forward interesting content that will increase viewership.
  • Stop pitching broadcast the way you pitch traditional editorial outlets. A producer isn’t interested in the standard release or pitch. They want to know what the story is, who the talent is, and what your unique take is. If you don’t have any takeaways for the audience, the story will get canned.

Evolving you story

You need clarity, conciseness and connection.

  • Clarity – Good stories are simple at their core.
  • Concise –Think short sentences.
  • Connection – Think of your audience and your unique element.

 PR Pitching Tips for Broadcast

  • Follow the news cycle- look for connections to trending stories
  • Know the evergreen topics for slow days
  • Use your own research- data rules
  • If it’s a breaking news day, find any tie in that is truly authentic

What content has the best chance of being placed?

  • 39% said exclusive research. Original research is always preferred by reporters.
  • 27% said Breaking news.
  • 15% said emotional stories. There is no downside to sharing a heart-warming story if you can work it into a pitch.

Key Takeaways

Your story must bring value to the audience. Be able to answer the following questions before pitching a producer:

  • What does the audience gain from the story?
  • How will it improve their business or life?
  • Does the story wow with technology or industry knowledge?
  • Is there a personal lesson to learn?

Even if you have crafted the perfect pitch, be aware of news cycles and keep away if there are tragic events. This goes without saying, but do not send releases if there is a tragic news story and don’t try to capitalize on a tragedy. If you genuinely want to establish a relationship with a producer, think like the producer and wait for a story you think you can land with a high value target. If you jump the gun, you run the chance of being blacklisted.

pitching broadcast tips for Media relations






Ruby’s Roundup: Top Photo Editing Apps to Enhance your Selfies 

Recently photo editing experts have pointed out some inconsistencies in Beyonce’s Instagram photos that may indicate she had them photoshopped to make her thighs looks thinner.  However, Beyonce is not the first celebrity to be accused of photoshopping personal social media posts. The Kardashians, Miranda Kerr and Britney Spears have also posted questionable photos on social media.  Because of the instant gratification component of Instagram, people think you are automatically uploading an unretouched photo to Instagram. But now with a plethora of editing apps, anyone can retouch photos without having to be a pro at Photoshop.

Stars..they are just like us.. on Social Media?

But look at how easy it is to alter a photo with these apps! 


  • Facetune “just swipe for perfect skin” with their erase feature and remove wrinkles and lines instantly
  • Don’t like your teeth? Whiten them with the whitening feature
  • Easily remove blemishes
social media app facetune

Visage Lab

  • Easily apply “skin makeup and eye makeup” shine removal and take years off your face with the layering feature
visage social media

Selfie Photo Editor

  • Claims to transform your selfie from simple to #stunning
  • Smooth, bronze or whiten your skin
  • Change your eye color or plump your limps
  • Thin your face and cheeks- you can even use the shrink tool to shrink your nose

GoSexy- Face and body tune for selflies

  • Allows you to re shape your face and body. You can “plump your lips, lift your nose and change the shape of your body” with this app.
  • GoSlim- make yourself thinner
  • GoSexy- add curves
  • GoFit- Slimming effect on belly, waist, arm and legs
  • GoNose-lift your nose, NEW feature
gosexy app

How can you tell if photos have been edited?

With photo retouching apps so readily available, it is easy to tell which photos have been edited. Look to see if objects or lines that are supposed to be straight appear to be wavy or distorted. This most likely means that the photos were not professionally photoshopped, rather they were haphazardly altered using some less sophisticated app.  In the specific Beyonce incident, the staircase she is walking down appears to curve upwards. The reflection of the same staircase can be seen in another photo and it appears to be normal.  You can also look at the skin tone- if their skin looks completely “flawless” it was most likely retouched.

It’s a New World- Get Used to it

Retouched Instagram photos are becoming the new retouched Magazine and Advertising photos.  People expect print ads and magazines to be retouched, but NOT Instagram photos. They need to lower their expectations that everything they see on Instagram is authentic A lot of what you see on social media is photoshopped and filtered just like traditional media

What do you think about celebrities using apps to enhance their photos? Would you use any of these photo-editing apps to alter your selfies?

Social Media Expert Kris Ruby on the Celebrity Photo Hack

Recently, the digital privacy of celebrities was invaded in a massive photo hack.  Naked pictures of 100 female celebrities were secured and several have already been posted to the site 4Chan. The hacker claims to have more then 100 celebrities in total and has more photos pending release.


While cyber security experts are still looking into how this happened, many experts believe the hack occurred through Apples iCloud. The images were first published on 4Chan and then spread like wildfire on Twitter and other social media sites. The person who posted the images to 4Chan mentioned that they were hacked from iCloud. It may have also been done using the Find my iphone app. Tech bloggers claim a brute force service called iBrute may have been used to gain access to celebrities passwords including all of the photos stored in their iCloud accounts.


Consider whether you really want to store your private information in the cloud or on your personal hard drive. Have different passwords for accounts and do not include personal data such as birthdays or other easy to guess numbers For those with an iphone, turn on two-step verification. This makes it harder for hackers to gain access to your passwords. This would mean that the hacker would also need physical access to your phone and password to get in as a password is texted to your phone.


The Twitterverse is in a frenzy over these nude photos. Many are attacking Jennifer Lawrence saying she shouldn’t have taken the nude photos to begin with. A writer said, “Think twice before uploading those nude photos?” The main issue here is that people don’t truly understand how the cloud works and that they are uploading anything when they utilize the iCloud service. They believe that if they take the photos and store them on their personal phones or in the cloud, they are safe. This is simply not true. We need to educate people on the difference between storing a photo and uploading a photo on the cloud. People have a false sense of trust in the cloud. As I’ve said countless times before, “Enough with posting the racy photos.” I didn’t say- enough with TAKING the racy photos. But enough with posting them or keeping them in an unsafe place (such as on the cloud) where people have access to them. I have no issue with people taking these photos in the privacy of their own home and in an intimate moment with their partner. However, it’s no longer safe to do this on your phone. If you insist on taking racy photos, go back to the basics and take them with a Polaroid.  Instead of storing them in the cloud, store them in a shoebox!

polaroid-tumblr- celebrity photo hack kris ruby social media expert ruby media

Ruby Media Summer Associates of 2014 Award Winners Revealed!

Well, it is that time of year again when our Summer Associates head back to school. We are really going to miss them! Every year, we get so excited to welcome in our incoming class of Summer Associates. This summer, we had the pleasure of working with some incredibly bright, dynamic young ladies. These women really impressed us- their dedication to the field, commitment to learning, and their hands on approach was truly inspiring. We accept less then 4% of incoming summer associates to our program. We spend an extraordinary amount of time training our associates and setting up an integrated communications program for them throughout the summer which includes access to Bulldog Reporters PR University Training program, networking events, summer social events, Daily Challenges to hone their skills in the field and intensive resume and cover letter workshops. One of the most important things about an internship or associate program is the ability to maintain a strong work ethic throughout the entire program, not just at the beginning or end of the summer. Every single day you have a new opportunity to wow your boss and impress them with your skills. But most importantly, the best internship or associate programs are ones where it is a two way relationship- where you are not only learning from your boss, but where they are learning from you also. In the spirit of giving back, here are the top 10 things you can learn from the RMG Summer Associate Class of 2014.

Top 10 Things To Do at your PR Internship

  1. Show up on time. Every single day.
  2. Always say yes. The people that say yes always get the most out of their internships. If your boss spends time hand selecting networking events or opportunities for you to enhance your skills, they don’t get anything out of you showing up. They are doing it for you to try to give you opportunities to expand your skillset. Take advantage of these and make the most of them.
  3. Be nice. This may seem obvious- but people work with people they like. No one wants to work with a mean girl. Everyone wants to get along as a collective team. The nicer you are to your team, the better experience you will collectively have.
  4. Don’t judge. Yes, this is a fast paced industry. We move at the speed of lighting. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and a method to the madness. Don’t get caught up on the craziness of any one aspect of it. The industry is a rollercoaster. Embrace the speed of it and fully immerse yourself in it.
  5. Speak your mind. Believe it or not, your boss may like if you challenge them with an idea. It is ok to fight back with strong convictions if you believe a different strategy makes sense. We like seeing a fresh perspective, and no one wants to work with a “yes maam” team member all the time.
  6. Have respect. Yes, I said it. Respect your elders. Whether they are five years older then you or twenty years older then you, they got to where they are for a reason. Don’t talk about them because they will always find out. Be gracious. It goes a long way.
  7. The early bird gets the worm. If your boss presents an opportunity for you to do something at 6 am on a Saturday morning, do it. Don’t say no. Those rare opportunities can often lead to the most enriching learning experiences.
  8. Seek clarification. Remember, your boss is extremely busy. The people that do the best always ask the most questions so they can meet expectations on deliverables.
  9. Use social media. Your boss or internship coordinator spends a great deal of time putting together a program of events for you every summer to enrich your skills in the field. We love to see when associates share photos or tweet about their experience at these events. It goes a long way to know you enjoyed the programs we put together for you.
  10. No task is too big or too small. There will be times when you have to do smaller tasks that you may not want to do- like stuffing 100 swag bags or moving boxes to and from an event. Remember, your boss has to do the very same thing you do and if you are lucky will be sitting right there with you doing it also. Success is about achieving the desired result through maximum performance- it is not about a power struggle.

Congrats to this years Summer Associate Class of 2014.

Ruby Media Group Summer Associate PR Awards:

Caroline Arnold- Broadcast Communications Award Recipient, 2014

Rachel Robbins- Event Marketing Award Recipient, 2014

Colleen Bennis- Social Media Strategist Award Recipient, 2014

Catherine Chumakov- International Relations, PR Strategist Award Recipient, 2014

Summer PR associates at Ruby Media Group

Way to go! You did it!!