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Public Relations Podcast: Inbound PR Success

  Listen to the Inbound Success podcast interview I recorded to learn more about public relations and how you can leverage PR as part of your inbound marketing strategy. “It’s so interesting to me that somebody from the PR world so intuitively gets what it means to do inbound marketing correctly.  There’s a lot of… Read more »

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Media Relations Guide

A Publicists Ultimate Guide to Strategic Media Relations 101 How can I use this media relations guide for my public relations campaign? This guide is for public relations practitioners looking to increase best practices and for clients who want to understand how the media really works so that they can form better relationships with their… Read more »

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Inbound Marketing: The Next Frontier in Digital PR

  INBOUND PR Inbound PR increases backlinks to your web site and increases visibility. If you already work with a PR firm or are considering launching a media campaign for your business or medical practice, then you have probably heard of inbound marketing. But, what is inbound marketing and how can it help your business?… Read more »

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