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Facebook Dating Privacy Concerns

Ruby Media Group CEO was recently on TD Ameritrade discussing the launch of Facebook Dating in The United States as well as privacy concerns.



In The United States, Facebook’s user base is shrinking as many younger users move to other social networking sites. Facebook is looking to capitalize on user growth by developing new ways to keep users on their site.

Enter Facebook Dating.

Many users have privacy concerns about the data that Facebook will be using with Facebook Dating.

Was this really a good time to launch Facebook dating given the privacy concerns?

Do you think users will flock to Facebook dating and leave the other dating apps or is this a big flop for Facebook?

Facebook’s Dating FAQ: Your Questions Answered

Does Facebook have a singles site?

Yes! It is not a separate site but rather an app within the Facebook portal for dating other singles.

How do I enable Facebook Dating?

The scary part of Facebook dating is that you are automatically opted in for it. You do not have to do anything to opt in- it is already available to you.

Privacy concerns with Facebook Dating: 

This is a very interesting time for Facebook to be launching a dating app given all of the recent privacy scandals and PR nightmares they have had over the past year.


To report on Facebook dating, I created an account and decided to test it out. Here are some of the concerns I had:


“Although we have the right at any time to conduct criminal background checks or sex offender register searches, you should not expect that we will do so.”

If you meet someone on Facebook and get killed, Facebook is not liable.

Secret Crush Feature

The Facebook Secret Crush feature is a bit creepy. You can add *any* of your Facebook friends to it! Now imagine people adding married colleagues or their boss as a “secret crush.” This won’t end well.  Facebook has already led to numerous marital disputes. This will only lead to more..


Facebook Dating has no options for political views in your profile.

social media expert NYC kris ruby td Ameritrade network


Data Concerns

Facebook Dating pulls from all of your events and groups. I am not sure group members even realize this is an option. This is potentially very scary.  What if you joined a support group and now FB is matching you with other support group members?

“See Matches in your events”

“See matches in your groups”

It automatically opts in users for this unless you manually go in and opt out of being matched in 600+ groups if you are an active Facebook group member.