Dig Boston: Up- Start, Socializing Your Business and social media snubbing!

Dig Boston published an interview today titled “Up-Start,” Socializing your Business, where Justin Korn summarized some of my main takeaways for business owners to start their own companies.  My Favorite part, where he discussed my notion of “social media snubbing.” Have you been snubbed? “Within the next few weeks or so, approximately 300,000 students will… Read more »

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RMG- Time Magazine & Gratitude for The YEC

RMG was recently featured in Time Magazine– another reason why we love the YEC and why the YEC rocks! I would like to especially thank Scott Gerber, Ryan Paugh and Natalie MacNeil for bringing me into this amazing group as a founding member. They inspire me every day, and I am so honored that Scott… Read more »

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CNN Money: “Today’s daily deal? Who cares.”

CNN Money: What are your thoughts on daily deals? “My inbox is inundated with sale emails that I delete. I don’t read them anymore because they all blend together,” Ruby, 24, said. Are you over it or do you LIVE by it? Hate it or LOVE it? Read the full article here.  

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