The Facebook Murder

A Florida man who authorities say fatally shot his wife – and apparently then posted a photo of her body on Facebook – has been charged with first-degree murder. Derek Medina, 31, killed his wife Jennifer Alfonso, 26, on Aug. 8, and then posted a horrific photo of her lifeless body slumped over on the floor of their kitchen, covered in blood.

A post on Thursday morning on a Facebook page identified as Medina’s said: “I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys takecare Facebook people you will see me in the news.” A final post titled “RIP Jennifer Alfonso” was a photograph of a woman slumped on the floor.

The photo was up for more than five hours before Facebook removed the page late on Thursday afternoon.

A Facebook spokeswoman said in an email to the Associated Press that she could not comment on a law enforcement investigation but could provide a general comment from the company.

“The content was reported to us,” the spokeswoman wrote. “We took action on the profile removing the content and disabling the profile, and we reached out to law enforcement. We take action on all content that violates our terms, which are clearly laid out on our site.”

The most interesting part of the story was Facbook’s reaction:

Facebook’s reaction shows that Facebook representatives are in fact watching what you are posting and control all of your content. Facebook immediately listened, took action, and called law enforcement officials to report the murder.

This was actually a positive PR story for Facebook to show Facebook & government officials working together.  The sad part here is the number of “shares” and comments from the criminal’s friends and family in his social network. This is extremely disturbing.

“The Facebook Murder” raises the following thought- provoking questions:

Is there a real disconnect between what people are seeing online and the action they are taking?

Why did people feel this was a post to “engage” with, “comment on” and “share” rather then taking action and calling the police?

What is this really saying about our society?

Has our need to “over share” become out of control to the point where the first thing someone thinks of doing after murdering someone is posting it on Facebook?

Social Media Expert Kris Ruby Weighs in on WUSA9 in Washington D.C.

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Social Media Recruiting

Tips from Social Media Expert Kris Ruby


Social Media Recruiting

Social media is a powerful tool for job searching. Many entry level grads are using social media extremely effectively by following potential employers they are interested in working for after graduation and including them in #FollowFridays and Re-Tweeting their content. They build an online relationship with their “dream employer” long before they ever submit their resume. That way, when an employer does receive their resume it is more likely to stand out.

Using Twitter to effectively gain employment

People can definitely use Twitter and Social Media to effectively gain employment! The key is using social media creatively to differentiate your “brand equity” from all of the clutter. Linking to a digital portfolio or resume is critical. As a Digital PR Agency, we rarely receive applications that are made in MS Word anymore. Most of the entry-level grads are all sending in links to their digital portfolios or resumes made with infographic platforms.

 Is social media recruiting industry specific?

Yes, it does depend on your industry. I do believe it is better suited for communications professions vs. those in the finance industry. Finance industry entry-level grads should still use a standard resume format. In advertising & digital media, it is now expected that your resume will be “out of the box” and digitally integrated. That is what potential employers are locking for if you want to work in the communications industry.

Would you recommend job searchers use social media? 

Yes, I would definitely recommend job searchers use social media. The key here is if you are going to use social media to obtain employment, then keep everything on those social media accounts professional from the beginning. The biggest mistake I see is that job seekers will start following an employer on Twitter or add them as a ‘friend’ on Facebook after submitting their flawless resume, and their social media accounts are riddled with errors, typos and slang. It makes the employer wonder who actually wrote the resume that was just submitted. You want to create a cohesive brand identity on all social media channels you are a part of so that you impress the potential employer every time they connect with you on a different network and discover more about you! Social media should enhance your resume, not detract from it. When used correctly to enhance, it can be a distinguishing factor in who gets hired.

The New Résumé: It’s 140 Characters

According to a recent WSJ article, Twitter is becoming the new job board. It is also becoming the new résumé.

Fed up with traditional recruiting sites and floods of irrelevant résumés, some recruiters are turning to the social network to post jobs, hunt for candidates and research applicants. Social Media Expert Kris Ruby of Ruby Media Group appeared on FOX BUSINESS Money with Melissa to share social media recruiting tips.

Candidates are now finding new ways to use Twitter to find a job. Social media savvy job candidates should follow the new rules of recruiting on Twitter to be most successful in landing their dream job.

The Top 3 rules of recruiting on Twitter for candidates
1. Identify your most unique attributes in 140 characters and include a link to your online portfolio
2. If you do land the interview, don’t tweet about what the interviewer asks you during or after the interview- keep it private
3. Clean up your other Tweets. Having a creative resume tweet is important, but a recruiter will go through all of your other tweets to gauge your writing style. Make sure any profanity or slang is removed.
Watch the full interview here

Westfair Social Media Debate

Ruby Media Group President Kris Ruby participated in Westchester County Business Journals Social Media Debate held at Benjamin Steakhouse on March 21st. Panelists included Ted Miller of Datakey Consulting and Author B.J. Mendelson. The debate was moderated by Liz Bracken Thompson of Thompson- Bender. This was a fiery debate and we were happy to participate in it! Did you attend the debate? Who did you think won?

Here is what Westchester Social Media Chris Cornell had to say:

“This was the best social media presentation I’ve seen in the Westchester area. Great venue (Benjamin Steakhouse), top-notch sound system (each participant was wired and easy to hear), and excellent subject matter. This was the first panel discussion I can remember where the panelists actually had materially differing views. The result was a debate where the comments were actually interesting and enlightening. Really enjoyed hearing the local Westchester social media “advocates” Kris Ruby and Ted Miller, as well as “Social Media is Bull%$#@” author B.J. Mendelson. Nice job of moderating by Elizabeth Bracken-Thompson. It was fine that Bruce Newman left it a draw — I’m sure everyone selected their own winner. I hope the format of this event leads to more like it. –Chris S. Cornell

Manti Te’O Catfishing Scandal

Social Media & Public Relations Specialist Kris Ruby of Ruby Media Group on Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend Hoax & Catfish Scandal 

The world of Internet Dating has changed. Catfishing is here to stay- whether you are a pro football player or someone in the mid west, cat fishing can happen to just about anyone. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from becoming the next victim of a cat fishing scandal.What Social Media lessons can we all learn from this hoax?

1. Always do background checks on your dates. Background checks are cost effective and can save you time and much heartache in the long run!

2. If you are going to engage in Internet dating, utilize social video platforms including FaceTime & Skype to ensure you are actually speaking with a “real” person who is who they say they are.

3. If someone claims to have a medical illness or is on the verge of “death” find out what hospital they are staying at and call the hospital. This is often the first way that many cat fishing scandals are found out when the boyfriend calls the hospital and finds out their is no record of their alleged Internet “girlfriend” staying there.

4. If you meet someone on an Internet dating site, connect with them on multiple social media platforms, not just one. It will be much harder for them to keep up a lie on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter AND LinkedIN then keeping up a lie on just one network. 0 connections on LinkedIN or a lack of professional resume on LinkedIN is often a dead giveaway you might be involved in a catfish scandal.

Carnival Public Relations Crisis

Carnival Public Relations Crisis

During such a fast paced media environment, people expect answers quickly in a crisis. If they are not getting answers quickly, people are will turn to social media to revolt. This is exactly what happened with the Carnival Cruise Line when a cruise ship from its Costa subsidiary sunk off the coast of Italy, resulting in loss of life and dramatic pictures of the ship turned on its side were released. Did we mention there were also 4,200 tweeting and FB posting passengers?

Carnival was extremely slow and ineffective in responding to the situation. The company’s CEO took days to address the public and issue a statement expressing sadness and the subpar conditions for passengers still on the ship. The CEO’s statement did not include an apology or promise any appropriate action steps to remedy the situation (offering a free robe or $500 is less then adequate).

A strong crisis communications plan is critical to have in place.  The company did not have a public relations team ready for a crisis situation. Here are the action steps Carnival should take from a PR perspective to turn this around:

  1. Implement a crisis PR strategy and hire a team to execute the plan. If they do not wish to put one together internally, it would be beneficial to hire an external PR Team who specializes in crisis PR.
  2. Release a timely press release to the media. Make the CEO accessible and show that he is vested in what happened and that he is implementing a solution.
  3. Offer the passengers something of value, not a $500 voucher. This will only make the situation worse!

At your company, always be prepared for something to go wrong.  Every day brings new challenges, especially in a fast paced digital environment. A spokesperson, aside from the CEO, should be prepared to give a briefing to the public and speak on behalf of the company if any type of crisis situation occurs.  Your crisis communication team should be prepared to send out press releases immediately and not waste ANY TIME! Furthermore, the crisis PR team should have a solid social media strategy integrated into the plan to respond to negative tweets such as the one below!


New Year, New Comprehensive Media Plan!

From social media to digital media, we have your needs covered for 2013. RMG will create a comprehensive media plan that incorporates traditional and social media to help meet your marketing objectives. Contact us today to start planning your media strategy for 2013!

Oppenheimer Small Business Forum Highlights Role of Social Media in Marketing Small Businesses

Ruby Media Group Founder Kris Ruby Keynote’s Economic Development Forum Hosted by Senator Suzi Oppenheimer and Women’s Enterprise Development Center 

Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Mamaroneck) and the Women’s Enterprise Development Center (WEDC) hosted a successful Small Business & Economic Development Forum on Tuesday, October 23rd at the White Plains Public Library with Keynote speaker Kris Ruby of Ruby Media Group.  This was the Senator’s 21st small business conference, which has been co-sponsored for a number of years by WEDC with the generous support of Capital One Bank.

A capacity crowd filled the library auditorium to hear keynote speaker, Kris Ruby, President and Founder of Ruby Media Group, a premiere full service Public Relations and Social Media agency, discuss the state of social media and small business in today’s digital age. In a talk punctuated by sound, practical advice, Ms. Ruby encouraged small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to incorporate social media into their overall marketing and communications strategies.  As a first step, small business owners should identify their objectives in using social media, whether it be to increase sales, improve customer service, increase traffic on the company’s website, public relations or search engine optimization.

Businesses should devote approximately six hours per week on social media, advised Ruby, but the rewards of that investment could be significant.  Social media sites are two times more likely to generate leads than traditional marketing, and women between the ages of 33-55 – a prime demographic for many businesses – is the fastest growing population on Facebook.

Ms. Ruby’s informative presentation focused on ways that a small business can generate fun and engaging content, encouraging followers to interact with the company on its social media sites.  Social media content differs from traditional marketing in that not every post is promotional.  Ideally, said Ruby, only one in ten messages should directly promote the company’s products or services.  Anything more could be a turnoff to potential consumers.

“Social Media should be an integral part of your Public Relations campaign – it goes hand in hand.  In 2013, the question will no longer be – Should I be on social media?  Rather, the focus will be on ‘What is my social media strategy for the upcoming year?’” said Ruby Media Founder Kris Ruby.

“To say that the Internet and social media have revolutionized the way we do business would be a gross understatement,” observed Senator Oppenheimer.  “Thank goodness we have experts like Kris Ruby who can help small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs navigate today’s rapidly changing marketplace.”

“We thank Kris Ruby for providing us with an informative and interesting presentation on effective uses of social media to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, said Anne Janiak, Executive Director of the Women’s Enterprise Development Center.

As this is final small business forum for the retiring Senator Oppenheimer, WEDC presented the Senator with a Certificate of Appreciation in “recognition of her many years of dedicated public service and her ongoing commitment to promote small businesses and economic development opportunities in the community.” Senator Oppenheimer, in turn, thanked WEDC for helping to empower “thousands of women in our area to realize their dreams of owning their own businesses.”






















Oppenheimer and WEDC Host Small Business & Economic Development Forum in White Plains







Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Mamaroneck) and the Women’s Enterprise Development Center Inc. (WEDC) are pleased to announce that they will host a Small Business & Economic Development Forum on Tuesday, October  23, 2012, from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. at the White Plains Public Library, 100 Martine Avenue, White Plains.  This is the 21st small business conference hosted by the Senator, which is  held again this year with the generous support of Capital One Bank.

This year’s forum will focus on “Making Social Media Work for Your Small Business” and will feature Kristen Ruby, the founder and CEO of Ruby Media Group.  Ms. Ruby will discuss the state of social media and small business in today’s digital revolution.  Her interactive workshop will assist small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to successfully market and grow their businesses through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

“Today’s consumers rely on social media to gain useful information about new products and services, as well as for social interaction,” observed Senator Oppenheimer. “Savvy small business owners can marshal social media platforms to increase sales, build their brand and even manage customer service. I am delighted that Ms. Ruby will share her practical knowledge and insights to help small businesses in our area thrive.”

“As a provider of small business development programs and services, we are delighted to co-sponsor this forum with Senator Oppenheimer. We know that Kristen Ruby will zero in on the most effective and productive uses of social media to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses,” noted Anne Janiak, WEDC’s Executive Director.

The forum will also feature  representatives of various government agencies and private organizations who will provide an overview of the services their organizations offer to small businesses, as well as distribute informational materials and offer one-on-one assistance.