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Deinfluencer TikTok Social Media Trend

Ruby Media Group CEO Kris Ruby featured on CNN discussing the deinfluencer marketing trend. The Rise Of The Deinfluencer & The Fall of Influencer Marketing New Social-Media Movement Curbs Consumerism Social Media Trend Alert: Deinfluencing TikTok Trend Deinfluencers are influencing the market more than influencers are. Why the latest social media trend has marketers worried…. Read more »

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Social Media Influencer Marketing: How to Work With Instagram Influencers to Grow Your Brand

    Grow your business and audience by working with social media influencers. Want to gain visibility in front of millions of Instagram users? Consider influencer marketing in your integrated marketing communications strategy. WHAT IS INFLUENCER MARKETING? Influencer marketing is the process of being influenced on social media marketing platforms and digital channels by key… Read more »

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