Public Relations Strategist Kris Ruby on Fox News

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Social Selling on Social Media

Public Relations and branding expert Kris Ruby was recently on Fox News sharing discussing how social media has changed the retail experience.

Social Media Strategist Kris Ruby


The Rise of Social Shopping


ECOMMERCE & SOCIAL COMMERCE. More consumers are making purchases directly on social media platforms offering in-app shopping and payment portals. Social e-commerce is a growing trend, and brands are looking for ways to take advantage of it through social selling. 

How are buying decisions influenced by social media?

What was once a family tradition of shopping together for the holidays at the mall has now become obsolete with the rise of social media shopping.

Holiday shopping online has forever changed the retail experience. Here’s how..

Product Reviews.

People are hesitant to buy something in a store without knowing what others think of it via reviews. Online shopping gives you an opportunity to “try it before you buy it” by reading others reviews first.

Mobile has changed the way holiday shoppers complete their lists.

Consumers expect to be able to find what they want, when they want it and they don’t want to sit in traffic or wait in long lines to get their gifts.

While people may be turning to online shopping to make their holiday purchases, they are turning to brick and mortar for holiday ‘experiences.’


Instagram is the new catalog.

You can now shop directly through Instagram tags and see what other people are buying and liking and click directly to the URL to purchase it through the social media app.

Retailers must make the experience of being in a store more valuable than the convenience of online shopping.

Stores are no longer places to “sell stuff.”

Today, stores need to sell experiences that are highly visual and immediately shareable on Instagram.

In order for retailers to recapture lost market share, they need to create visually appealing and Instagrammable experiences that give shoppers a reason to go to a physical location.

Reach customers where they already spend their time.

For many businesses, social media marketing can be more cost effective than traditional forms of advertising.

Social selling and e-commerce have become a prominent trend in recent years.

With the increasing integration of social media and e-commerce, brands seized the opportunity to leverage Instagrams on-site checkout platform as a new sales channel.

By discovering new brands and engaging with content they are already interested in, consumers are one click away from clicking buy now.

Is your brand ready for the shift?

What are the emerging Social Media Marketing trends?

Brands compete for new ways to show up in your organic feed.

VERTICAL VIDEO. Video continues to explode on social media. From TikTok to Instagram Threads to YouTube, users are watching and sharing more video content than ever before. Creating video content and incorporating vertical videos into your social media strategy is critical for luxury brands looking to create viral attention on social media.

EPHEMERAL STORIES. Ephemeral messaging apps like Snapchat and Instagram Stories showcasing vertical video stories and pinned reels are popular with luxury brands. These types of ephemeral social interactions are a growing trend, especially with millennial consumers before making a purchase decision. 

AUGMENTED REALITY. While still in its infancy, developments in augmented reality are a potential emerging trend to attract holiday shoppers. New AR tools could enable experiential brand activations as a way to engage your audience in the metaverse. Keep an eye on innovations in AR and Artificial Intelligence to connect your digital persona to a virtual shopping destination.