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Crypto Marketing and Public Relations Strategies: Cheddar News

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Crypto Marketing and Public Relations Strategies

Insider PR Tips and growth hacks on brand marketing, crypto, and publicity in Web3

A CMOs ultimate guide to crypto, blockchain, and Web3

As blockchain technology and cryptocurrency become more mainstream, digital marketers must incorporate AI & automation into their B2B marketing strategies and PR campaigns.

Brands are also making expensive mistakes that result in Web3 cancel culture, litigation, and NFT IP infringement.

Like many CMOs, you probably don’t want to hear about crypto, NFTs, Blockchain, or the Metaverse. You have 1,000 open projects on Trello and don’t have the internal capacity to take on another marketing campaign right now. Bitcoin is a buzzword and you hope it goes away soon.

As a PR consultant, I often vacillate between going all in and wanting to go back to a pre-crypto world. It is easy to get overwhelmed in crypto and lose hours to rabbit holes, confusing decentralized protocols, and market news.

Brand marketers are living at the intersection between Web2 and Web3. Some days, Web3 is filled with so many scams that it seems easier as a marketer to write it off entirely and say ‘forget it’ we have more important things to focus on. But the problem is, your competitors are focused on it even if you aren’t.

Remember when Facebook first came out and people said it was just for kids? Today, the fastest-growing demographic on Meta are baby boomers.

Remember when people said TikTok was just for teenagers? Today, it has surpassed Google as the most popular domain in 2021.

Not every brand is going to go all-in on the metaverse, nor should they. But it is important for B2B marketers to understand the current landscape so they can make informed business decisions. Ignoring it will only lead to getting replaced by a new Chief Metaverse Officer who ‘gets it’ even though they lack your traditional marketing background, finesse, and digital savviness.

This guide is written for the CMO who cringes at the mere thought of NFTs, the Metaverse, Blockchains, and digital wallets.

Crypto-Driven Digital Marketing Will Transform SaaS.

Understanding the evolving cryptocurrency market is critical for business owners and marketers navigating the new world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Is your company positioned to capitalize on the growing investor base in the crypto and digital asset sectors? Are you looking for a crypto marketing agency? Probably not. You are looking for more leads, sales, less churn and higher monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

You are focused on everything *but* crypto marketing and while you can get away with that for now, you will soon find yourself phased out of your position when the board wants to know why you missed out on a burgeoning stream of revenue that your competitor capitalized on.

In this article, we will answer:

  • How to make sense of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain marketing for your business.
  • Metaverse Marketing: Promoting your brand to the biggest names in Web3.
  • How companies should prepare for digital transformation and the rise of artificial intelligence.
  • How to keep your brand relevant.
  • Crypto PR & Marketing best practices.

How do we get everyone talking about us?

This is what marketers and publicists spend most of their time pontificating about. But now, there are two worlds to think about: getting customers talking about you on traditional platforms and new platforms like the metaverse.

The goal is not to get everyone talking about you- it is to get the right people talking about you and most importantly, talking to you and with you.

Cryptocurrency Marketing

What is cryptocurrency marketing?

Crypto marketing is the process of gaining traction for your NFT, token, ICO, or blockchain company through traditional and digital channels to gain awareness, publicity, and exposure. The goal is that exposure will result in a tangible benefit such as new users, token holders, coin holders, investors, partners, or community members.

What is a cryptocurrency marketing agency?

The traditional marketing principles are the same, but the tactics and buzzwords are different.

Airdrops, Tokens & Creator Coins.

No, an airdrop is not sending information on your Apple phone to a nearby device. A crypto airdrop is when you send free tokens to your community via their digital wallet address. Airdrops are often used to gain exposure. While some pre-IPO companies & pre-token projects use ICO campaign marketing and asset tokenization, many brands are leveraging airdrops as a marketing tactic to get their brand into a consumer’s wallet.

What is a metaverse marketing strategy?

The metaverse is larger than any one company or person. 

A metaverse marketing strategy incorporates experiential marketing tactics like AR and VR as well as digital experiences to capitalize on digital asset allocation.


It gives brands a new way to create experiential marketing opportunities for consumers and corporations to connect in Web3 digital environments and communities. 

Mark Zuckerberg has gone all in on the metaverse, despite investors issuing dire warnings and asking him to pull back and recalibrate the investment.

Hiring a Cryptocurrency Marketing Company

Companies are enlisting Chief Metaverse Marketing Officers, but they also need to hire chief Metaverse content officers, too. The jobs of the future have already started to emerge.

Job Titles include:

  • Blockchain Chief Marketing Officer
  • Head of Decentralized Governance / DAO
  • Crypto Chief Marketing Officer
  • Crypto Content Writer
  • Crypto PR Firm
  • Crypto SEO strategist

How do you market a crypto, blockchain, or NFT project?


VIP perks, Gamification and Blockchain: How brands can connect with customers in Web3

On Cheddar News, I discussed the business use case for NFTs in brand marketing loyalty programs. NFTs are a new way to signal brand affiliation in Web3. NFT Rewards can revamp stale and dated loyalty programs. You can show off your rewards in public instead of in private, which is a win-win for the brand and the consumer.

WATCH: Cheddar: Crypto Marketing News: Blockchain Loyalty Programs 

CRYPTO CASHBACK. This is the future of loyalty programs. More American consumers want rewards in the form of crypto. According to a recent study, 44% of people now say they would like to receive loyalty rewards in the form of digital assets.

AIRDROPS. Imagine being rewarded for making purchases on a platform as an early adopter? The $ENS Airdrop rewarded users who purchased an ENS domain by a certain date.

STAKING. In Web3, loyal users can be rewarded for their commitment to a community or for holding a token or coin. Consider building staking rewards into your Web3 marketing plan.

BLOCKCHAIN BENEFITS. Visual assets can be tokenized, enabling users to resell assets during branded NFT drops.

VIP Rewards. NFT tokens can serve as a gated membership pass to unlock more benefits. In B2B, these digital membership passes or virtual credit cards can have real utility for brands.

10 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies

Cryptocurrency PR & Marketing Strategies for Business

What are the best digital marketing strategies for cryptocurrency?

An online marketing campaign for your cryptocurrency startup should incorporate the following elements. At RMG, we deploy a variety of bitcoin marketing strategies to promote your crypto company.

Some of the top ICO and crypto marketing strategies our Web3 agency deploys to supercharge your crypto campaigns include the following tactics.

Twitter Crypto Marketing. Twitter Spaces is critical to marketing your crypto project. The crypto community is actively engaged in Twitter and almost every night there is a new project being promoted or a new person being canceled in crypto.

PR Pro Tip: If you are marketing your crypto project on Twitter, review your tweets from ten years ago for every employee attached to the project. Crypto cancel culture is real- in the last week alone there have been 2-3 high profile cancellations all because of Tweets. Companies need to do due diligence on employees’ tweets as much as they do on creating a crypto PR launch strategy. Part of marketing a crypto project is selling the team attached to the project. This becomes a corporate liability if those people can bring down the reputation of the project with tweets that don’t sit well with the Web3 community.

Publish on Medium. Medium is popular again with the crypto community because it is a central hub of information. People are very hesitant to click outside links, so Medium is a trusted source to avoid rug pulls. If you want to create content in the Metaverse, Medium is your VIP ticket to building trust before gaining access. A crypto-focused content marketing agency will focus on helping you get discovered with the right keywords.

PR & Media Outreach. Getting your crypto project featured on industry websites like Coindesk, Decrypt, Cointelegraph, Bitcoin Magazine, and FNC is critical for organic traffic and notoriety.

Podcast Guesting. There are hundreds of Crypto podcasts that investors, stakeholders, and NFT collectors listen to. Don’t ignore podcasting guesting as a way to reach these listeners. A listener today could be an investor or token holder, tomorrow.

SEO & Content Marketing. The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make is that they use new media tactics to market their NFT projects and ignore traditional media tactics like SEO, Content Marketing and PR. Not everyone looking for you will be in Discord. In fact, the people you really want to find you probably don’t even know what Discord is. However, they may be searching for “new NFT’ projects on centralized search engines like Google. Don’t drink the crypto Kool-Aid and go all-in on crypto-centric platforms while ignoring centralized ones where the majority of non-crypto enthusiasts are still searching. Blockchain Content Marketing tools like WordProof and ToroBlocks make sure your content is time-stamped to the blockchain. A Crypto SEO agency will help you with off-page search engine optimization techniques for crypto websites. With more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies, it is becoming increasingly harder to show up in search engine results. Crypto SEO will help investors find your business.

Influencer & Thought Leader Marketing. Metaverse influencers can raise your brand profile and crypto influencers play a critical role in getting the word out about your crypto project. Some crypto influencers on Twitter are paid steep amounts to push projects. However, not all of these influencers are following FTC guidelines around ads or endorsements and I predict this is an area we will see a huge crackdown in the near future.

Reporter Phil Gomes states, “For the most part, the crypto-influencer scene appears to be a payola-driven protection racket, all-but-completely lacking in commonly understood disclosure norms.” Will there be an FTC crackdown on crypto influencers who are not disclosing paid endorsements in the near future?

READ: Thought Leadership Marketing: How to Raise Your Media Profile as a CEO 


How to market and publicize your crypto company

PR in Web3 largely operates under the same principles of Web 2. The difference is in the new trade outlets that have been launched to reach consumers. If you want to publicize your crypto product, you most likely want to secure media coverage in news outlets like CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, or Blockworks.

The PR tactics remain the same; the outlets to secure media coverage are the only thing that has changed. If you want to get more publicity for your crypto project, you can also consider running it on ProductHunt to gain more exposure.

A crypto PR firm like Ruby Media Group helps Web3 Founders and Entrepreneurs gain media coverage on TV, podcasts, radio and digital media outlets.

Crypto Startups Can Benefit from Public Relations

A crypto PR agency should have proven results promoting NFTS, tokens and Crypto exchanges. Some PR firms specialize in crypto and FinTech companies while others specialize in PR for gaming companies.

We help B2B and SaaS marketers navigate Web3 with PR consulting services and work with brands on their Web3 strategy. Our goal is to help crypto entrepreneurs get more press.

We would love to work with med-tech companies and medical experts who are utilizing NFTs in an innovative way to raise awareness for diabetes and amputation prevention. 

Our passion is at the intersection of healthcare and medical PR- and we want to pair our deep industry vertical knowledge with making the digital landscape more accessible to Doctors to help more patients. 


The power of tapping into NFT communities.

Hiring a community manager is critical to successfully marketing a crypto project. This person should work alongside the crypto PR firm to make sure there is brand alignment on all key messaging that goes out.

  • Discord/ Telegram communities and servers
  • Reddit communities
  • Facebook groups and communities
  • Twitter communities
  • Forums

Community management for Web3 entails the full gamut of Blockchain, DeFi, NFT, and the Metaverse. Building a community in Web3 requires understanding new business models. Unfortunately, many CMOs think that community management is a line item expense that can be slashed from the budget. Community is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

Brands that treat their community as disposable reap what they sow. And too often, brands dive headfirst into a community without understanding the consequences of not having an exit strategy. Without a transition plan, your community will quite literally never transition and be stuck in limbo. Community is the backbone of your company on social media- and when you ignore it- you create deep-rooted PR problems that become challenging to address over time. Think of a piece of glass that fractures. Once it has shattered into 1,000 pieces, it becomes very hard to fix.

CMOs that hire community managers and treat them interchangeably are making a big mistake. What they fail to realize is that their community has a direct relationship with that vendor- brand loyalty and retention are correlated to happiness with social media community management. I can’t tell you how many times people have left business groups I am in because they don’t like the new community manager hired – we are talking about people who invested thousands of dollars a year- but axed the investment because they felt disrespected by the new community manager.

The level of relationship a brand has with a company is now fractured: there is a second layer- the relationship a customer has to the brand, and the relationship the customer has with the brand manager. Community growth agencies will help manage this process for you.


A decentralized future has pros and cons.

A Social Media Blockchain Marketing Strategy entails making a commitment to what your company is comfortable with publishing in private vs. in public. There are two avenues. You can choose centralized social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, or decentralized platforms like BitClout (hint: don’t!). If you lose your seed phrase to these platforms, you can never get back in. This is one of the biggest disadvantages to decentralized social media platforms. The other disadvantage is privacy and security. Do you really want every corporate like and follow available for all of time?

What is the best social media platform to promote crypto?

Centralized Social Media

Crypto Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is viewed as the ‘enemy’ among many in the crypto space who believe in 100% decentralization. Some crypto natives will say that they do not want to market on Facebook to take a stance against centralized platforms. However, as I have stated earlier, these same communities are still using several other centralized platforms- so that is really a wash. It takes more money to reach an organic audience on Facebook than it used to. That being said, it is still worth it to market your crypto project on Facebook if you want to tap into an audience that is fairly new to the crypto landscape. There are highly engaged NFT Facebook groups with thousands of members, too.

Is there any forward motion when it comes to cryptocurrency marketing on Facebook? 

Everyone on Facebook has 1-5 friends who post about crypto. You ignore them for a while- maybe even a year- but eventually one day you hear something that changes your mind about crypto and read back through every post they have ever written on the topic. Those early adopters of crypto on your friend list can be your first entrance into the crypto economy. The comments those connections make about crypto projects can have a big impact on someone after they are finally interested in asking- so what is crypto anyway and how can it benefit me? They then DM the person, join Facebook groups and go down the crypto rabbit hole.

What social media platform is best for my crypto project? 

The opportunity for Facebook crypto marketing is in private groups. The high-level CEO and entrepreneur-only business groups I am in are where most discussions about crypto happen from a strategic point of view. It is not about shilling projects- it is about understanding how these projects play a role in a brand’s larger corporate identity in Web3. Facebook groups with actively engaged members can help other business owners navigate how to create a metaverse marketing strategy. One Facebook group I am in recently created a separate group for Blockchain-only discussions.

It is also important to note that Facebook does not allow ads related to crypto and ICOs.

Decentralized Social Media

Social Media DeFi: Is decentralized social media the future?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are reshaping the world of digital marketing.

On top of the latest campaigns, tools and technology, deeper knowledge is required on how shifts in decentralized social media platforms will impact engagement and content.

The future of decentralized social media apps involves nodes, lightning networks and public ledgers.

Crypto native platforms include Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Nostr, and Twitter Spaces. However, none of these platforms are decentralized and it is always perplexing how the crypto community manages to rally everyone on to Discord as if it is much more secure than Facebook in terms of how it handles your data.

I urge everyone reading this to request a copy of their data from Discord (I did) and you will think twice about what you say on Discord. Do your own research and don’t assume that a platform is better or decentralized because people tell you it is. Additionally, many of the current decentralized social media platforms that are touted as the answer to centralized social media are in fact extremely centralized.

The illusion of Decentralized Social Media

As a society, we are in the middle of the age of social media warfare. People are leaving centralized platforms in droves in favor of decentralized and niche platforms. In the process, they are fighting for what I call digital turf wars. Everyone wants to claim ownership of ‘land’ in the new age of digital property.

A social media ban will inevitably lead users to migrate to other social media platforms. People always want to believe that what they are migrating towards is better than what they left. A perfect example of this is when someone buys a new house.

Before buying a new house, the person may say they love where they live, but after buying a new house, the same person will start calling their current home a dump. Why? Because it is easier to dislike what you have to like where you are headed than it is to feel the loss fully. This applies to a new home, a lost relationship, or even a ban on a social media platform.

The best analogy of this is the migration of users from Twitter to Bluesky. Some Twitter users started to hate the platform after Elon Musk acquired it. In their eyes, any solution would be better than the existing solution due to how they felt about the new owner.

Crypto Marketing FAQs

What is the best Crypto Marketing Strategy?

No two crypto PR and marketing strategies are the same, and the answer is in the tactics and strategy. The best crypto strategy is the one that aligns with your PR goals and business objectives.

What are the PR risks of jumping into the Metaverse without understanding the risks of Web3?

Metaverse PR Risks: Yes, the Metaverse is trending daily and VCs are pouring millions of dollars into it. But brands need to be careful before leaping into the Metaverse without hiring consultants with expertise in this area. A perfect example of this is the Mcdonald’s case where a slur was imprinted to the Blockchain during their crypto marketing campaign. Furthermore, Web3 is filled with scammers and grifters. It is best to avoid this space for now.

Coindesk: McDonald’s McRib NFT Project links to racial slur recorded on Blockchain

Data Security & Blockchain: Crypto experts tout that the Blockchain is more secure than traditional Web2 platforms. But just how secure is it? Every transaction you make on Blockchain is accessible on a public ledger. Businesses need to be careful when linking their wallets to their crypto names because everything is forever available on a public ledger for all to see (including your competitors and stakeholders.)

Capacity: There is a distinct difference between crypto/ the Metaverse and DAO culture. The media uses all three terms interchangeably- but it is important to understand the difference. It is not only about the capacity needed to build out a Metaverse strategy- it is also about having a fundamental mindset shift. For example, DAOS are about “contributing” to a commune- they are the opposite of capitalism.

Why do you need Crypto Consulting Services?

You can’t be an expert at everything. A cryptocurrency PR consultant will save you hours of time going down endless rabbit holes. In turn, this deep vertical knowledge will save you money. Investing in someone who is already entrenched in this area will help you avoid marketing mistakes that Fortune 500 brands have made before you.

A PR Firm like Ruby Media Group will keep a pulse on mainstream crypto headlines and make suggestions to the communications team on what will drive news coverage- saving you time.

What are the best practices for crypto marketing & PR?

While it is not currently a best practice- if you are marketing a cryptocurrency product and receiving compensation in the form of fiat or digital currency, you need to properly disclose this to your audience.

What is the best medium to market your crypto company?

The best medium is the one your audience is active in. If you are trying to pull people into crypto that don’t even have a wallet or Coinbase account, then reach them where they are- LinkedIn could be good for this. One of the problems with crypto marketing is that it largely reaches other crypto community members and misses the mark of getting new people into the space. The other issue is that the messaging is so industry entrenched that it fails to convert anyone new into the space to be excited by the project if they don’t even understand the terms being used to market something. For example- regular marketing terms like “sale” or “buy now” or “launch sale” are understood.

Compare that to marketing copy in crypto projects like “whale” “whitelist” “wallet address” “discord handle” and people who are not in crypto will have no idea what you are talking about. Not only will they not buy your project but they won’t even make it that far to understand what the project is because you are speaking to them in a new language that doesn’t include definitions of what these terms mean.

In PR, I always tell clients to avoid using industry jargon. In crypto marketing, the same advice holds true when launching a new NFT project. If you are going to use insider terms, then define what those terms mean so that you don’t lose people along the way. The education curve is steep for those who aren’t entrenched in the space and it is important to be aware of that as someone marketing crypto projects.

How do you build a crypto community?

To build community, you first need to understand what collectively brings that group of people together. What is their reason for gathering and existing? What are they looking to find and gain from the community?

For example, I am involved in the SaaS lifetime deal community. I help SaaS Founders with PR for their launches when they run lifetime deals on places like AppSumo. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is that they think anyone can do PR around any community. This is the worst mistake you can make. You should hire someone to do PR and community management who is already interested in that community to begin with.

Every community has nuance to it- someone who is not interested in the community will lack an understanding of what that nuance is- and can actually do more harm than good- and create more PR and crisis communication issues for your company.

This same theory applies to crypto marketing and PR. The solid principles of public relations are important- but if that person doesn’t understand crypto/ Bitcoin/ NFT/ Metaverse, it will be hard to market something they don’t understand. The marketing can also end up being a huge miss- if they are using Web2 marketing methods to market to a Web3 audience.

To build a community, you must fundamentally understand the community and what drives them. What brings the group together? What do they care about? What sense of belonging do they get from being part of the community? Community management is much more than promoting your latest crypto project. You need to build the community first before you ever introduce the product to sell to them. What are the shared values and underlying belief systems that bring this community together? If you can tap into that- you will have an engaged community that will retain high-interest levels in your future crypto projects down the line.

Which brands and creators are producing the most innovative content in Web3?

Web3 is Going Great is a great resource to stay up to date with scams in crypto.

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