Six Steps To Get Booked On National Television

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Every day, cable TV producers book guest after guest to appear on TV. So, how do you become one of those people?

How to Get On National TV Immediately: A blog about the secrets to TV booking success.


Everyone wants to be on TV, but not everyone knows how to position themselves as an expert in order to get booked on TV.

Whether you are working with an agency, a publicist, a TV booker or directly with a producer, here are the top things you need to do to maximize your chances of frequent on-air success:

  1. Brand yourself in a specific category. Producers are looking for subject matter experts to comment on breaking news stories, recent studies or trends. They want to work with specific experts as sources who can speak to highly technical content in a specific vertical. Brand yourself as the go-to expert in a niche category.
  2. Stay on top of industry news. Set up Google Alerts on the top keywords associated with your industry. Read the news daily to stay on top of industry trends.
  3. Personalize the news with your unique view. After you have identified a breaking news story you could comment on, write out your hit points on the topic. What is your unique opinion or slant as a subject matter expert on the story? What are the top three points you would want to get across on air if you had the chance to share your view on the story?
  4. Create a custom media list. Identify the producers who are covering your beat. Once you have identified them through Cision, Vocus or even Twitter, create a customized media list in Excel with their contact information. Only target producers who actually cover the type of news you want to speak about.
  5. Watch the shows you pitch. Do your research before pitching. You can be more effective getting booked on TV by watching the shows you pitch by looking for trends and the types of guests that are booked.
  6. Repeat the cycle. Continue to repeat the process as new stories come out in your field. Be persistent. Sometimes, your hit points could be great for a segment but the producer wants to go in a different direction. Other times the producer may love your points but already has someone else booked. If you want to make a name for yourself in the news, you have to be part of the news cycle.

As long as you continue to craft targeted, timely pitches to the right people β€” and stay on top of the news cycle β€” you too can start building your brand with TV appearances.

Building your corporate influence with TV Publicity 


What Else Goes Into A TV Booking? Using Television As a Media Tool: media relations and getting exposure through national TV.

Find out who books each tv show

  • What is your subject matter expertise? 
  • What type of guests does the show typically have on? 
  • Target the booker or producer.

Topic: What guest will you pitch for a topic that ties into the news cycle?

Who: Who is the best booker or producer to pitch at the show?

PR Pro Tip: You have to know who is booking the guests for that show before reaching out. 


  • What show do you want to be a guest on?

PR Pro Tip: Watch the show before pitching.

Media is a powerful PR tool for any business looking to grow to the next level.

Earned media exposure is a great way to market your business through third party endorsements from trusted publications and outlets that your customers read.

If you run a business, getting in touch with the media on your own is a daunting task. That is where the help of a PR firm like Ruby Media Group comes in.

We know that producers and bookers in a TV studio are looking for, how to make them interested in a guest and how to tell your story in an interesting way that gets you booked.


Can A PR Firm Help You Get TV Bookings? 

Ruby Media Group gives you exposure with TV appearances, press placements, radio interviews, and more. Our team has years of experience getting doctors, lawyers, politicans, and executives publicity to help grow their presence on digital platforms. 

We take the time to get to know you and your story so we can create effective publicity campaigns. Get started today with a free consultation.

RMG is a full-service media relations and public relations agency located in New York. RMG strategically creates publicity plans to meet your unique PR goals while maximizing local, regional and national media exposure.

As an on-air television commentator and contributor for editorial outlets, RMG’s Founder Kris Ruby knows how to effectively pitch doctors, lawyers, executives and medical experts to the media.

Kris has built relationships with reporters, journalists, bookers and producers for over a decade.

The top NY PR firm receives media requests daily from producers and journalists looking to fulfill editorial needs, podcast booking needs and tv booking requests.

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Looking to hire a television booking firm?

RMG provides TV booking services, national media placement, and executive media training for individuals looking to be on air.

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