NY Social Media Strategist Kris Ruby Discusses FaceApp Privacy Concerns

Ruby Media Group CEO Kris Ruby was recently on i24News discussing the privacy concerns surrounding FaceApp. Click here to watch the full segment. Should you be concerned about FaceApp? Will your data be compromised?

If you are worried about the Russian’s access to your data, why are you not worried about access to your data that big tech companies hold here in the U.S.? The hypocrisy in this tech debate is the real issue.

Everyone is so focused on FaceApp they forget that the big tech companies here have massive access to your data.. and who really knows what they do with it.

Social Media Expert Kris Ruby’s take on FaceApp below and why this is only the tip of the iceberg in the larger privacy debate with big tech firms in The U.S.


  • Is the best course of action to delete the app?
  • How can social media users evaluate future apps and whether it’s safe to use them?
  • What are the security concerns with the Russian owned app?
  • When you post something on social media—-how safe is it?


FaceApp Privacy Concerns