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If you have a massive blitz of publicity for your medical practice and do nothing with the press coverage, you are setting your money on fire. Half of publicity is getting the press mention. The other half, and more important half, is what you do with it to build your brand.

How do you leverage media coverage?

Congratulations, you were interviewed in Dr. Oz Magazine or your business was featured on the homepage of Yahoo and the article has now gone viral. You’ve secured a huge press mention, but instead of just popping the bubbly and celebrating, get on active on social media ASAP and maximize the free earned media buzz!

Wondering how you can get more added value from your media coverage and press mentions?

In addition to tweeting out the press mention on social media, here are a PR Pros top tips to make sure that you lengthen your moment in the media spotlight.

How to Leverage Publicity

The definitive list on what to do after you get media coverage

Share the article link: Let your customers, patients and followers know about the press coverage. Share the press link on your company’s social media networks and with clients that may benefit from the content shared in the article. If you have an email newsletter, be sure to include the link to the press mention. However, put more than just the link. Instead, you should also give your readers something they can use from the article such as a valuable piece of information they can use to enhance their day. For example, you could write, “Here is the best tip that John Smith gave to Oprah to make your holidays happy,” rather than, “I was quoted in Oprah!”

Thank the writer: Include both the writer of the article and the media outlet’s Twitter handles in a tweet and thank them for the coverage. For example, tweet “Thanks @writer and @magazine for the great mentioned of my practice today @linktoarticle” and post something similar on your Facebook page.

Clip the press mention and add it to your web site. Whether it’s a one-line quote or an entire feature article, keep a record of all press coverage secured to date on your medical practice. Clip the article, add it to the press list and include all relevant details.  You should also post the clip on your company’s website. If you do not already have a special press section on your website, add one immediately. A press section of your site will build a platform for you in the media and can lead to additional press opportunities with journalists and products. Journalists and producers like to use medical experts who are trustworthy and have previous experience working with the media. Your press section shows that you are reliable and provide great quotes.

Quote it:  Pull out the best quotes written about your company or medical practice and include them in your media kit. For example, you could include Dr. Oz Magazine calls ABC medical practice the ‘best new thing since sliced bread.’ A quote like this should be prominently displayed on your website and in your media kit.

Leverage the publicity for other PR pitches: When you send out press releases on your medical practice to the media, be sure to include “Ann Smith was featured in Dr. Oz Magazine” at the top of the release or pitch. Sure, being interviewed in your hometown newspaper or your college alumni magazine means something to you, but when it comes to impressions, a national press mention will make a huge splash.

Display the press coverage on a plaque: Imagine walking into your office every day and seeing the Dr. Oz Magazine article up on the wall. You will smile and keep working harder every time you see it. Plus, it will inspire and build trust with your patients and increase retention rates with your current patient base. There are companies that turn articles into plaques that you can prominently display on your wall. Also, be sure to send the article to other media outlets that may want to do a follow-up story.

Checklist to maximize press coverage

To recap, here are 10 actionable ways to amplify your earned media coverage:

  1. Email the link to your network and sales team.
  2. Thank the journalist, reporter or producer for including you.
  3. Add the press mention to your web site.
  4. Add the logo to the “As Seen On” logo reel of your site.
  5. Add the article link in your email signature.
  6. Order a plaque of the press mention and display it in your office.
  7. Share the link on your personal and corporate social media pages.
  8. Post a teaser of the press in your Instagram or Facebook story.
  9. Send the press mention to other journalists who may need you as a source on the topic for future articles.
  10. Keep a running list of all press mentions to have available if a reporter asks to see other places you have been quoted.

Extend the shelf life and value of your PR mentions by following the above tips!

Remember, if you get PR and no one knows about it, PR is virtually useless. PR is not just about getting the mention. It is about what you do with the mention to propel your brand forward that matters most!

Any skilled publicist can get you media mentions. What separates a PR strategist from a regular publicist is their ability to put all of the press together to build a personal brand for your practice that makes you the go-to expert in your field. Building a brand requires serious vision. It is just not about getting press mentions. If you are ready to take your brand to the next level, we should talk. We do more than just get media. We build brands that are household names.

How can I improve my media coverage?

The number one way to improve your media coverage is to not rest on your media laurels! No one wants to quote a doctor who hasn’t been quoted by anyone else in the past decade!

The unfortunate reality of media relations is that you are judged by the last press mention you scored.  So, if your last press mention in the national media was five years ago, the media will seriously question your credibility. It is not a good PR look for your brand to be stale. Earned media ten years is not the same as relevant media secured this year.

The media wants to see that you have kept current with industry trends in the field of healthcare. Press from five years ago won’t carry you to be a credible source to get more press this year.

Press must build on other press mentions, which is why it is so imperative to have a media relations specialist who can pitch you to the media on a frequent basis.

If you are still using press from five years ago to promote yourself, your brand is outdated. Don’t worry, we can help!

Are you getting the most mileage out of your PR wins?

As a healthcare PR firm for doctors, we are always on the lookout for new ways to attract the media’s attention. Contact us today for a free 15-minute consultation to start driving more press traction to your practice.

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