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How to Maximize National Media Exposure

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How To Market Your Press Coverage

Amplify your PR and media exposure with these pro tips from a Publicist 

How do I maximize my press coverage & PR mentions?

Score! You just landed a media placement on a national TV show. But now you may be wondering, how do I maximize publicity exposure from the press appearance?

The truth is, the most important part of the hit isn’t the actual hit. It is what you do with the hit before, during, and after. To make the most of the media exposure, you have to ramp up your social media efforts and make sure you are creating engaging content.

Don’t wait until after the interview is over to start promoting it and getting your followers involved.

Extending the life of publicity

Live tweet: Start by encouraging fans to live tweet with you before, during, and after the show. For example, one tweet might be, “Have any questions for @yourname on @Nameofshow? Tweet them to us before #nameofshow at 8 pm.” According to, 47% of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to visit that company’s website, so it’s important to be active.

Use your audience to promote: Ask your Twitter followers or newsletter subscribers to help promote the appearance. Fans love to help their favorite thought leader gain more notoriety.

Integrate social media: Be sure to tag and hashtag the media outlet and handles of any interviewers in all tweets mentioning the show. This will show the outlet that you are socially engaged and are interested in moving eyeballs to their network.

Search hashtags: If you really want to see what everyone is saying about you on Twitter, search “all tweets” and parse through for the hashtag of the show, mentions to the show, mentions with your handle, and any relevant content. Sometimes people will post their thoughts on the TV segment with the handle of the show directly without mentioning your handle. Remember that sometimes people will post their thoughts on the segment with the handle of the show directly without mentioning your handle.  If you are a frequent On-Air Commentator, you may want to purchase a social media monitoring app, such as Mention, which will aggregate all of the social mentions for you.

Share behind-the-scenes moments: Fans want to see more than what they just see on television, so while you are in the green room, tweet a photo or post one on Instagram. If there are other guests in the room, take photos and share them on your social media or create a new Instagram story. Be sure to tag the people in the photo.

Increase viewer engagement: Until it’s time for your live TV appearance, host a live Twitter Spaces answering behind-the-scenes questions. This builds an ongoing relationship with your audience.

Ask questions: Questions require answers and that leads to interaction. For example, after the show, you can tweet, “What did you think of the segment?” “Did I wear the right dress?”

Stay positive: Social media builds relationships with your audience, but one negative post can ruin it all. Stay positive and be aware of what you are posting. If something does go wrong, take a digital detox. For example, if you post something questionable – a photo or a tweet – that offends a core part of your audience, remove it. Stay away from social media for a while.

Close the door on drama: Tweeting includes responding, but getting involved with someone else’s drama can be a big mistake. Know when to stop. If the other person refuses to stop, engage legal counsel. There is a difference between trolling and harassment.

Pull in a brand marketing team: If you will be wearing a special brand, tweet to the brand before the appearance and let them know. Most likely, they will retweet you. This increases the likelihood of them putting out their own tweet or post promoting it that you could then retweet. Ex. “Love the outfit @InfluencerX is wearing on the segment? Get it here.”

Once the TV appearance is over, continue tweeting links and clips, posting photos on Instagram and Facebook or promoting a TikTok from the greenroom. Post the appearance on your blog.  Do as much as you can to maximize the appearance and engage with your audience to publicize it even more.

5 Ways To Amplify Media Mentions

Maximize Press Coverage for your business

  1. Post the press link on social media & pin it.
  2. Include the press article in your e-mail signature.
  3. Post the article in relevant Slack & Telegram groups.
  4. Add the press to the media page of your website.
  5. Update your press kit with the new media mention.

To Recap:

  • Maximize Exposure
  • Capitalize on the momentum
  • Repurpose the press coverage into content

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