Social Media Marketing Job Search Tips

social media job search tips

Using Social Media to Find a Job 

Job Search Tip: Social Media Marketing should enhance your resume, not detract from it! 

What role does social media play in searching for a job today?

Social Media Marketing is a critical component of your job search. Social Media can either help your job search or hurt it. Taking the time to develop a personal brand and clean up your social media profiles can pay dividends in landing the perfect job. Below please find our top social media marketing tips for Job Seekers to keep in mind. Use these tips to ensure your social media profiles are PC & Scandal Free!

Social Media Mistakes Job Seekers Need to Avoid 

Not deleting politically charged social media posts that could be seen as offensive. Landing a job is already challenging enough without adding politics into the mix. Your future boss may be your biggest fan, but if they see a political post that goes against their political beliefs, it could sway their opinion on your candidacy for the role. Call it unfair or even illegal, unfortunately, social media does come into play during the hiring process.

Forgetting to update your social media privacy settings. Expect that employers will most likely look up your social media during the interview process. You want social media to showcase the best possible version of your eligibility for the role and to support what you are saying in your resume. Social media should add to your overall interview package, not take away from it.

Not updating your bio on social media profiles. Your bio on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter should reflect the role that you are seeking. Use this prime real estate to your advantage. For example, if you are seeking a luxury marketing job in Westchester, NY, your bio should say Luxury Marketing Specialist— Westchester NY not Fashion Marketing NYC. Create a profile for the job you want to get so that your brand matches up on every network to coincide with your resume. There should be no discrepancy between what you are saying you are passionate about vs. what can be found on your social media.

Forgetting that Instagram Stories can be screenshotted. Even if your social media profiles are on lockdown, companies can be wise with having other millennial employees follow you and view your stories. Just because it disappears does not mean that someone hasn’t viewed it. Keep this in mind when searching for a job and be more cautious with what you put up in your Instagram story.

Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

How to Use Social Media Platforms to Show Off Your Professional Achievements

Twitter Job Search Tips 

Using Twitter for job hunting? Your bio on Twitter should reflect the role that you are seeking.

  • Create a branded cover photo and upload a high-resolution photo as your main image.
  • Follow other thought leaders in your industry and engage with their content
  • Favorite and RT the people in your industry who you are looking to connect with or ultimately want to work for.
  • Link to the URL of a personal web site and maximize this social media “real estate” space in your profile for maximum impact.

Instagram Job Search Tips 

Show what you Know

  • Use Instagram Stories to showcase different work-related projects.
  • Save all of the Instagram Stories as “Highlights” with branded thumbnail images.
  • Use your Instagram feed as a way to “show” your portfolio of work. For example, if you are an accountant looking to switch firms, you can write tax tips in the notepad section of your iPhone and post a series of these images to your feed.

Facebook Job Search Tips 

Engage in Industry Groups

  • Share relevant articles to show you are actively engaged in your field.
  • Join industry Facebook groups. Recruiters are often in these groups and can find you from them.
  • Target Facebook ads to a select audience of industry recruiters to get on their radar (showcasing thought leadership content you have written).

LinkedIn Job Search Tips 

Create a personal branded cover photo and impress recruiters 

  • Post your updated resume on LinkedIn and pin it as a featured post
  • Use hashtags in your posts that recruiters may be searching under. Make sure you check off “available to new opportunities”
  • Update your LinkedIn with certifications, skills and any conferences you have attended related to your industry and field of study
  • If you have written for a publication during college, add this under the “publication” section of your LinkedIn profile

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How can you use social media in your job search?

  • Search by hashtags (#recruiting #jobsearch #job #nowhiring)
  • Join Facebook Groups

Personal Branding Tips for Job Seekers on Social Media

The candidates that stand out are the ones who use social media to their advantage by developing a personal brand. Identify your most unique attributes and choose a niche area that you want to be an expert in to stand out from the competition. Create a customer cover photo as well.

personal branding job tips linkedin

Also, be sure to create a personal brand website with a portfolio for employers and recruiters to view your previous work. You should invest in a high-resolution headshot that can be used on all of your social media profiles. Do not use any old iPhone selfie shot— make sure it is professional.  Recruiters aren’t the only ones who will be looking at your social media profiles. Your potential colleagues will also be scoping you out on Instagram or Facebook.

Personal Branding Resume Example:

personal branded resume ex

How can you use social media in your job search?

Use the 5 to 1 rule. Social media is inherently meant to be “social” and people ultimately miss the mark when they fail to show that they are a real person. Often, their posts can appear very robotic when they take this approach.  Many people are ultimately afraid to show a more personal side because they believe it appears unprofessional.

The truth is, people hire and work with people they like. If your social media appears like a series of ads, no one is going to be that interested in working with someone who is just selling to them. The most successful people on social media are those who have mastered the balancing act of showing personal and professional. This builds a relationship with your community and makes them that much more interested when you do have a professional accolade to share. Use the 5 to 1 rule. Every 5th post can be something personal that shows a different side of your personality by showing off your hobbies, interests, or family.

Making sure your social media profiles are well branded is only half the battle. Social Media can also cost you your job if you misuse it after landing your dream job.

Here are three ways to use your social media profiles to show you are a fun person to work with:

Showcase Your Hobbies. Do you volunteer? Do you love animals? What makes you tick? Your social media profiles should reflect that. For example, if you love animals and spend time volunteering on the weekends, this could help you in the interview process if the company you want to work for is very into animal rights and works with a rescue group.

Share Travel/Food photos. Do you travel often or love to eat out? One thing that 99% of people have in common is a love of great food and travel. If this is part of your life, showcase some of these images- it can show your colleagues that you enjoy being part of the vibrant downtown scene in your city and that you know what’s trendy.

Actively post on social media. Believe it or not, many recruiters are fed up with the traditional recruiting channels and turn to social media to look for new candidates. Make sure you are active on LinkedIn to increase visibility and get found. Your social media could actually be the reason you land a job, instead of the reason you don’t get the job!


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Kris Ruby is the CEO of Ruby Media Group, a NY social media marketing agency. Ruby has more than 13 years of experience in the social media marketing industry for top brands. Most recently, Ruby was named one of the Top Women in Digital Marketing by Izea. 

*Date last updated 2020

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