Social Media Strategist Kris Ruby Quizzes Fox & Friends Anchors on Millennial Lingo


Do you know more social media lingo than Tom Brady? After the six-time Super Bowl winner is stumped by millennial lingo on Twitter, Social Media Strategist Kris Ruby puts the Fox & Friends anchors to the test.


Brian Kilmeade: He may be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but it turns out Tom Brady is just like every other person when it comes to social media lingo. Confused.

Ainsley Earhardt: He’s very average. Yes, like one of us.

Steve Doocy: One fan tweeted this to Brady, “I’ll do anything. I’ll give up straws. Just tell me what you want me to do to have a football shattered my face bones into a million pieces.” What does that mean, he wondered?

Ainsley Earhardt: Brady’s like, “What? You want your face broken?” Brady responded by tweeting this out, “I’ve seen this a lot lately in my replies. Is it a millennial thing to want your face broken? Very confused.” So what else doesn’t he know about Twitter and millennial lingo? Here to put us all to the test is social media expert Kris Ruby. Hey, Kris.

Kris Ruby: Good morning.

Ainsley Earhardt: What does that mean? To break your face? Why would they write that?

Kris Ruby: It means he’s into him. It means he’s a fan. It means he really likes him. Millennials are not so literal and baby boomers are more literal with social media terminology.

Steve Doocy: Okay, so you’ve got a little quiz for us. You’re going to put some of those things out there and you’re going to ask us and folks play along at home.

Kris Ruby: Alright, ready?

Steve Doocy: First one?

Kris Ruby: Okay, first one. IRL. Does it mean “in real life,” “I’m running late,” or “in the wrong lane?”

Ainsley Earhardt: I would go with B because that’s what I would say in real life.

Brian Kilmeade: I would say B, but I’ve never used it, but I’d like to.

Steve Doocy: It’s in real life.

Kris Ruby: Correct!

Steve Doocy: Which one?

Kris Ruby: Oh, A, yes. In real life.

Brian Kilmeade: Are you sure?

Kris Ruby: I’m sure, yup. Alright, next one. OMW. What does it mean? Is it option one, “old man wheeze,” is it option two, “oh my word,” or is it option three, “on my way?”

Ainsley Earhardt: I think it’s three, “on my way.”

Brian Kilmeade: I would say C because we have letters there.

Steve Doocy: I am with them, on my way.

Kris Ruby: Correct.

Brian Kilmeade: Alright. I am going to use that.

Kris Ruby: Next one. HBU. Does it mean: option one, “hey between us,” option two, “how about you?” or option three, “honestly believe you.”

Ainsley Earhardt: That’s a tough one. I would say A or B, maybe B. What are you all going to go with?

Brian Kilmeade: I’m going to go B.

Steve Doocy: I think it’s unanimous. We’re all B. How about you?

Kris Ruby: B, how about you?

Brian Kilmeade: I want to use that. That’s brilliant.

Steve Doocy: It’s been out there.

Brian Kilmeade: I did not know that.

Kris Ruby: You did pretty well.

Ainsley Earhard: Do you know what LOL means?

Brian Kilmeade: Yes, laugh out loud.

Steve Doocy: Alright. Thank you so much.

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Top 3 social media acronyms for SMM platforms:

  • FB – Facebook.
  • IG – Instagram.
  • LI – LinkedIn.

Are you confused by social media lingo? New York Social media strategist Kris Ruby puts Steve, Ainsley, and Brian Kilmeade to the test with some of the top social media abbreviations you should know!

Social Media Acronyms

List of Social Media Abbreviations & Acronyms 

What is the abbreviation for Social Media?

What does the social media acronym SMH stand for?
Shaking my head 

What does SS mean on Instagram? 

What does BTS mean?
Behind the scenes 

What does DM mean on Instagram?
Direct Message. 

What does IRL mean?
In real life.

List of Business Acronyms: 

What does B2B mean in business?
Business to Business

What does ROI mean?
Return on Investment 

What is CTR?
Click-through rate.

What does SEO mean?
Search engine optimization.