30 Tips to Boost Your Instagram Marketing

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30 tips to boost instagram marketing


How do I promote my page on Instagram?

Keep your followers entertained and engaged with educational and informative content.  Get people talking about your company with these Instagram marketing business tips.

There are 1 billion active users on Instagram every month, and every day, 4.2 billion photos are liked. With Instagram, the quality of the posts are much more important than the quantity. According to Forrester research, Instagram user interactions with brands is 400 percent higher than on Facebook and Twitter, delivering 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.

The numbers speak for themselves: Instagram is a must for building your personal brand and business if you are looking to appeal to millennials. If you’re new to the social media platform or you are looking to increase engagement, here are 30 tips to help you maximize your Instagram business exposure. 

If you want to grow your business online, follow these Instagram growth hacking tips. 

30 Instagram Marketing Tips for Business:

Instagram Business Marketing Techniques

1. Create the perfect Instagram username. Make sure your Instagram handle is recognizable and easy to search. Try to avoid using underscores or numbers in Instagram handles. Consider using keyword-rich words in your username and bio to increase the likelihood of getting found in search results.

2. Use Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories is used daily by over half a million daily active users. Leverage this rising trend and build your audience by showing followers what’s taking place in your business behind the scenes. Pin the story highlights to your Instagram profile.  Fun fact: over 2 million advertisers are buying Instagram Story ads across Facebook’s properties.

3. Geo-Tag. Be sure to utilize the location feature on each social media post to increase visibility using geo-tags. Add locations to your posts to increase search optimization and geo-targeting. Brands and social media marketing agencies often look for influencers and businesses to follow based on geographic details. Make sure your location is up to date.

4. Create a branded hashtag. Hashtags allow users not following your account to find your posts. They are a great way to expand your following. Create a unique and relevant hashtag for your business that followers can use. But be sure to heavily promote the branded hashtag at events and on marketing materials.  A custom hashtag is worthless if no one is using it.  Be sure to also use hashtags where your optimal followers can be found outside of your industry hashtags, too. Use hashtags with high search volume. If there is a successful brand in your vertical, look at what hashtags they use.

5. Instagram Takeovers. One way to increase engagement is through Instagram takeovers. Influencers or fellow employees can take over the company’s Instagram story for the day and show followers insight into the norms of the company or elite events. Utilize local celebrity influencers to drive traffic and engagement through cross-promoting content on both Instagram accounts. Here is an example of a successful Instagram Takeover we did with News 12 Anchor Tara Rosenblum.

6. Utilize user-generated content (UGC). Show appreciation for your followers by featuring them using your products or service. For example, Sharpie powers its Instagram account with fan-submitted doodles created with its products. Repost images that show your product or service in use. There are several influencer marketing platforms that connect brands and agencies. If you are not sure where to get started with creating UGC, consider trying out the influencer marketing platform called Tribe to hire influencers to create branded content.

7. Switch to an Instagram business account. There are three types of Instagram accounts: personal, business, and creator accounts. Convert your personal account to a business account and set this up properly from the beginning so that followers can buy products and services from your business account. This will enable you to track insights and analytics that regular Instagram profiles don’t have. Insights can show you page views, locations of followers, age group, and demographic details. If your account is public you have access to post insights. Check how many times your post was saved and how many people viewed your story. Make sure your account is set up properly as a business so people can shop and buy products directly from your account.

8. Use Instagram planning apps. To win at Instagram, you must be very creative and good with graphic design. If you are not a graphic designer, consider using an app like Preview or Plann to layout your upcoming posts in a grid before you click post.

9. Include a call to action. Tell people what you want them to do. This may seem simple, but it is often overlooked. Have one call to action in each post. Where do you want people to go and what do you want them to do? Visit your website? Download an e-book? Sign up for a new course? Direct them with a clear CTA.

10. Run sponsored Instagram ads. If you are looking to increase sales using Instagram, consider running Instagram ads or boosted posts and include a CTA in the ad.

10. Monitor your follower to following ratio. Try to keep the number of people you are following under the number of people who follow you for optics. If you are following 5000 people and only have 50 followers, it looks a little strange.

11. Make the most of your Instagram bio space. Be sure to answer: what do you do and who do you help? Your Instagram bio should clearly address this in 1-2 lines. For your bio photo, use photos that are close up vs. further away.  Your Instagram biography is just as important as your posts. Make sure your website, email, and location are all in your bio so that users can easily buy products and services from your brand.  Nothing is worse than an Instagram bio that directs prospects to a dormant e-mail account.

12. Use Instagram Story Highlights for Press.  Stories are only on your account for 24 hours unless you pin them as saved highlights, so it is important to create highlights for your stories that way your followers can view them forever. PR pro tip: Create a press featured highlight with all of the press we get you. Don’t have any press for your business? Read our pitch-perfect PR tip guide for how to secure newsworthy coverage, fast!

10. Weekday Hashtags. Use popular hashtags every day of the week to make it easier to get found in hashtag searches. These include #motivationmonday, #transformationtuesday, #wisdomwednesday, #tbt and #flashbackfriday.

11. Regram user-generated content (UGC). Search for people who are mentioning your brand and use the Repost app to regram any brand mentions.  As long as your account is tagged in someone else’s story or post you can repost that image onto your account. Reposting is a great tool to engage with your followers.  Be sure to tag them and mention any associated Instagram handles in your posts.  Share UGC and repost Instagram story mentions. Give visibility to your followers and reward them for mentioning your brand or business in their Instagram Story.

12. Tag brands. Tag Instagram users and locations in posts to make your brand easier for new users to find. Tag other influencers in your Instagram posts to get found in their tagged photos, but be careful not to spam.

13. Aspirational Instagram Marketing. Think of Instagram as a vision board for your business. Post photos that will inspire your prospective customers to be part of the lifestyle brand that is associated with your company.

14. Like and comment daily. An easy way to increase visibility is by liking and commenting on prospective customers’ photos. Through this Instagram business marketing strategy, people will check out your account and are more likely to follow you back. Leave a comment on at least one photo per day to create a digital footprint.

15. Offer exclusive content. If you’re launching a new product or service on Instagram, try creating an exclusive promo and offer followers a unique code to track how effective the promotion was. Consider creating an Instagram carousel post to highlight the new content.

16. Host a bundle giveaway. Partner with like-minded brands for a social media giveaway. Be sure to tout the value of the giveaway and use phrases like “tag a friend” for a chance to win to increase exposure and amplify the reach of your content.  Consider creating shoppable posts with products to drive sales. Utilize shoppable tags as part of the product giveaway to show the value of each item.

17. Run a photo contest. Use all images—even those that don’t win—as fresh content to help promote the brand. Make sure any contests adhere to legal rules by avoiding social media legal mistakes that can get you sued.

17. Focus on the story behind the post. The image may be the star and the hashtags may offer context, but the caption tells a specific story, highlights subject matter expertise, and gives insight into the context of the photo. Make sure it is formatted properly and use emojis sparingly. Write captions that convert. Long-form captions are a form of micro-blogging. Research shows longer-form captions perform better than short ones. Provide the specific action you want someone to take with a succinct CTA in your copy.

18. Download social media editing apps. Use apps such as Afterlight, VSCO, Whitagram, Pic Stitch, Aviary, Hyperlapse, Quick, Bokehful, and Snapseed to edit photos. Studies have shown that photos using Mayfair, Inkwell, Amaro, Walden and Lo-Fi filters to get more likes and enhance your images. Social media technology changes at a rapid pace. Be sure to download the lastest apps users are using to create social media marketing content.

19. Social Listening. Follow and monitor top trends to grow your brand’s awareness and stay on top of industry trends through a newsjacking strategy. Use social listening tools such as Mention or Google Alerts to monitor for brand Latergram, HootSuite or TweetDeck can also help with this process.

20. Analyze new follower growth. Get to know your followers to make posts more relevant to them. When someone follows you, follow them back and then analyze what your followers are interested in and what hashtags they use.

21. Run contests. Have an incentive for your Instagram community to share content and promote your brand with the use of prizes and giveaways. For example, National Geographic hosted a #MyAWAY Contest where users could upload photos of places that, to them, are an escape. On Instagram, they would tag the photos with #MyAWAY and at the end of the contest period, one lucky fan wins a digital camera plus goodies from NatGeo and Go RVing.

22. Reward your followers. Create lasting relationships with followers by using discount and promo codes. Reach out and connect with influencers one-on-one. Brands that go the extra mile by rewarding their Instagram followers see better success rates.

23. Create a compelling visual aesthetic. Post photos that show the lifestyle of your customers, while staying relevant to your brand. Your account should be a balance of fun pictures and branded, promotional business photos.  It is important to establish your brand identity and the look of your Instagram account before you launch your business on this social media marketing platform.  Make sure all images on your Instagram grid share the same aesthetic. Although the days of the perfectly planned Instagram aesthetic are behind us, every photo should still be cohesive and tie into your overall brand strategy.

24. Do not over-post. “Feed speed” is a critical factor of your brand’s Instagram success. There’s a fine line between agitating your followers by clogging their newsfeed and posting so infrequently that your followers forget you exist. Create a posting schedule and editorial content calendar that allows you to track what works and then decide which direction to take.  Avoid posting multiple times a day and go for quality over quantity.

25. Post at peak times. According to a study by TrackMaven, the most effective days to post are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Another study found that posting at 5 PM EST yields a higher engagement rate. If you are wondering, ‘when is the best time to post on Instagram?’ the answer depends on your vertical, coast and niche.

26. Use IGTV. Use diverse visual formatting, such as 15 seconds of video or Instagram TV (IGTV) for longer-form video content.  Instagram now also allows users to post long-form video content. You can post a preview of the video on your feed and it will save to the Instagram video section of your business account. This is a great way to promote media interviews, too.

27. Resize Graphics. Make sure all of your graphics are consistent using graphic design software such as Canva. Be sure to use Canva’s “magic resize” tool to resize images to spec to fit the Instagram specs.

28. Promote your Instagram handle. Connect your Instagram account to your website using social plugins and link your Instagram handle in your email signature to expand your reach. This creates an avenue for traffic for each social media site. Be sure to link your Instagram account to your Facebook business page for a seamless user experience.

29. Reverse engineer. If you’re trying to get prospects who may be interested in your services, think about their hobbies and demographic profile. Search for hashtags that align with their hobbies, such as #yachting #countryclub or #hamptons. From there, like and comment on their photos and follow them directly. They may even follow you back.

30. Measure. Observe when your followers are online and review performance metrics. What images and posts do your followers respond best to? Where are your new followers coming from? Is your brand growing or shrinking on Instagram? To refine your Instagram marketing strategy, it’s important to know what resonates best with your audience.

Finally, be sure to monitor your Instagram Direct Messages (DM’s) for new sales leads and respond in real-time to the latest trending content. If you receive a sales lead through Instagram Direct Messaging but respond four weeks later, the lead will be gone.

By following these Instagram tips for small businesses, you will maximize your Instagram exposure and, as a result, increase your brand awareness (and sales!).


Need help with developing your Instagram marketing strategy? Contact us today to learn more about our social media marketing services.  Curious to know how much Instagram marketing costs if you hire a social media marketing agency?

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