10 Ways to Leverage Instagram Carousels for Business

Instagram Carousel Posts for Business

Instagram Carousels 101: What you need to know

Utilize the new feature to increase your visual storytelling capabilities

What is a carousel post on Instagram?

One of the most buzzed-about social media changes is the new Instagram update known as “Instagram galleries,” “Instagram albums,” or simply “Instagram carousels.”

You may be familiar with Instagram carousel ads, which was previously a paid Instagram feature.

Now, that same feature is available for free to all social media users to share their stories. The Instagram carousel feature lets users upload up to 10 videos and static images in a single Instagram post.

Hootsuite states that their social media team said Instagram carousel posts get 1.4x more reach and 3.1x more engagement than regular feed posts on Instagram.

How do I make a carousel post?

Click the plus sign on Instagram to create a new feed post and click the square with a shadow. This will allow you to click multiple images at once to upload to the carousel post.

How many images are in an Instagram carousel post?

You can add up to 10 images in a carousel post.

Instagram Carousel Examples:

Here is 1 Instagram Carousel example from The Ruby Media Group Instagram feed.


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How brands and doctors are using Instagram carousel posts

Why choose one photo when you can choose 10 in a carousel?

Post multiple photos in one post with Instagram’s new carousel feature.

This feature is ideal for social media managers and content creators who are looking to increase visual storytelling capabilities on social media platforms. It’s also perfect for those who struggle to choose just one image for an Instagram post.

How can you take advantage of the new Instagram carousel feature to promote your business or medical practice?

10 Creative Instagram Carousel Ideas

  1. Team member carousels. This helps your customers build a relationship with your business. Take a picture of each team member and post it in one carousel along with a group shot at the end to showcase your corporate culture. Utilize the Boomerang feature to make this carousel come to life.
  2. Before-and-after carousels. Does your brand run photo challenge contests on Instagram? Put a new twist on the tried and true idea by challenging your customers to submit before-and-after shots, showing how your product has transformed their lives. If you are a cosmetic dentist, you could share a series of before-and-after cosmetic makeover photos, demonstrating your services.
  3. Case study carousels. Use a carousel to showcase your best case studies. Figure out how to bring your work to life by leveraging video and photography, and showcase your top 10 case studies in a carousel. This is a great way to show off your success by leveraging a visual medium. Get creative with how you want to tell the story. No one wants to read basic case studies, so use Instagram to make them come to life. Tag customers and brands that you are referencing for an added bonus.
  4. Thematic album carousels. If you are business-to-business (B2B), the ability to create themed carousels is a great way to take advantage of Instagram albums. For example, you can create a carousel on your company’s top press moments or a carousel with the best photos at your company’s Breast Cancer Walk.
  5. New product carousels. Post a carousel with close-ups and a video of the product in one album. This will allow your customers to see your product from all angles without feeling like they have been spammed with a bunch of posts in their feed. Imagine being able to show off a clothing item from all sides or demonstrate how to use a complex appliance in a single post.
  6. Behind-the-scenes carousels. Buyers who are passionate about a brand love to get the inside scoop into how a product is manufactured and how a creative team brainstorms ideas. The carousel format is perfect for sharing these behind-the-scenes moments. Behind the scenes footage will make your customers and associates feel like they were right there with you.
  7. Product demo carousels. If you are looking to promote a specific product from all angles, the Instagram carousel is a great option. Post close-up photos and a demo, and customers will be able to visualize themselves using your products, which may give your bottom line a crucial boost.
  8. New line/collection carousels. If your business involves clothing, use a carousel to pinpoint each item in a look. This is great for your new spring arrivals. Highlighting each item of clothing from your spring collection will inspire your customers to try out new styles and imitate what you share. This is the perfect opportunity to tag brands so your customers can find other clothes they might enjoy from the spring collection.
  9. Sequential tutorial carousels. If you sell a cooking ingredient or kitchen appliance, you could use a sequence of images or videos to walk followers through a recipe, which might inspire them to purchase your product. If your company sells surfboards, you can share a sequence of videos and images to help new surfers get started with their first board. This may be all someone needs to take the plunge and make a purchase after seeing how to use the product.
  10. “Best of” album carousels. If you are celebrating your companies fifth anniversary, put together a “best of” album showcasing your top moments over the years. For example, you could choose one image to represent the best of each of your five years in business.

How to use Instagram Carousels

After you have chosen the images for your Instagram album, be sure to tag all featured brands in the post. Also, if you are including multiple photos or videos in a carousel, remember to shoot the photos in a horizontal format. If you want to reorder the slideshow images, tap and hold an image to move it from the beginning to the end. You can drag it to change the order or delete a photo from the post altogether. You also have the option of filtering all the posts with the same filter or individually.

Social Media Tip: While scrolling on your Instagram feed, look for pictures on the trending page to see what content is performing the best.

How do you make a carousel on Instagram and post scrolling photos?

Easy! Simply upload your favorite photos and share them in one post instead of in 10 separate posts.  This is a great way to show off your success by leveraging a visual medium. Get creative with how you want to tell your brand’s story with your followers.

Jump ahead of your competition and leverage carousels to gain visibility for your medical practice with these creative social media tips and ideas.

Pro Tip: The goal is to figure out how to create content and use social media to tell your story in a new, social media-friendly way.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the changes in the social media networks. Instead, focus on the story you want to tell, and leverage the platforms to help you tell your brand’s story.


Are you struggling with how to use Instagram’s carousel for your social media marketing strategy? Contact us today to learn more about our New York social media marketing services for doctors.

Kris Ruby is the CEO of Ruby Media Group, a Public Relations and Social Media Agency. Kris Ruby is a frequent on-air TV contributor and speaks on social media, tech trends, and crisis communications. For more information, visit rubymediagroup.com or www.krisruby.com

*Date last updated: March 2021


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