Twitter Tips for Business

Top 15 Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

Twitter Tips for Business

Twitter Tips for Business


Utilize Twitter lists to monitor competitors, media, and influencers

Are you looking to grow your follower count on Twitter? Studies have shown that 72 percent of followers are more likely to buy services from a business they follow on Twitter. However, with only 140 characters to make an impression, Twitter requires social media knowledge and prowess to use it successfully and establish your company as a leader in your industry.

How can I grow my Twitter account to get more followers?

Here are RMG’s Top 15 tips to leverage Twitter for business and ramp up your company’s exposure on Twitter.

15 Ideas to Increase Your Twitter Engagement Organically (Proven Tips to get more followers!) 

  1. Develop optimized content: You need content to tweet on a regular basis. Start by using snippets from company news, tips from a spokesperson, or material from keyword-rich blog posts. Be sure to share publicity mentions and TV appearances, too. Every time you publish a new blog post, update the header image and tweet the link from your corporate Twitter handle.
  2. Hashtag: Twitter users search the site for topics of interest to them. For example, sports fans search for their teams, #GreenBayPackers, or favorite sports #basketball, while others may search #yoga. Use hashtags in your tweet so it comes up on the appropriate searches to increase visibility.  Use relevant hashtags to attract your target audience and increase visibility in search.
  3. Create a Custom Hashtag: Develop a hashtag for your company and use it every time you tweet. For example, James Smith, a CEO of Smith Widgets hashtags #smithssayings every time he posts a clever piece of business inspiration. If you are a Twitter Spaces host, use a custom hashtag for the name of your show & space. An example of this would be #SunshineSpace, a Twitter Space dedicated to Florida politics. The hashtag should tie into your subject matter expertise.
  4. Integrate cross-channel marketing: Twitter is a great social media platform, but combining it with an Instagram account makes it even more powerful. Post photos on Instagram and then tweet them on Twitter. This is especially effective for promotions and giveaways. Make sure the content is shareable and interactive.
  5. Increase tweet frequency: Twitter is an ineffective marketing tool if it is only used once a week You must tweet multiple times a day, especially during peak hours. The more your followers see you, the more followers you will get. You can use TweetDeck or Buffer to schedule multiple tweets so you do not have to sit at your computer all day.
  6. Retweet: Twitter isn’t a one-sided promotional tool. You need to interact with your followers. Read what they are tweeting about and re-tweet when something sounds interesting. Your followers will like the fact that you did that and will take more interest in what you have to say. Retweet what customers/clients/patients tweet your own company and add your own comments
  7. Share nuggets of wisdom: When you attend industry conferences, take the time to share what you learned with others. Live tweeting from important events is very popular among Twitter users and is a great way to share the latest industry trends. Be sure the include the official conference hashtag in your tweets for maximum reach.
  8. Tap into trends: On the left side of your Twitter account, you will see what is currently trending both nationally and in your area (you can set it). Ride the coattails of a trend by hashtagging it in your tweet. For example, on “#cookieday, a physician can still tweet “Today is #cookieday. Replace ingredients with fat-free substitutes to make the cookie healthier.”
  9. Be inspirational: Twitter followers love to favorite and retweet inspirational quotes, so include a few during the week.
  10. Post visual graphics: Twitter users are visual and love to engage with visual content. Retweet rates are higher for tweets that include video or photos. Be sure to include high-resolution photos and videos with your tweets.
  11. Respond: When someone in your industry is quoted in a tweet, respond to it. Congratulate them or share your hot take on social media on an important topic. Get your name in front of influencers in your target industry by engaging with the content they produce. A great traffic tip is to respond to mentions of influencers in your target industry.  Reply to tweets and mentions and leverage Twitter for customer service requests.
  12. Create Twitter Lists: Twitter allows you to create lists of people. It is a great way to monitor your peers, colleagues, competitors, media and social media influencers.
  13. Share a tip: Twitter users love tips, so be sure to turn your posts into DIY tips a few times per week. For example, physicians can provide cardiovascular health tips, entrepreneurs can provide business tips and filmmakers can provide did-you-know tweets about films and televisions shows.
  14. Question it: Get a discussion going with a Twitter AMA. For example, a young adult author might ask what the followers think about a controversial debut novel of another author, while a physician might discuss the latest medical study that was released. A CEO might spark a conversation about new business tax laws and an up-and-coming recording artist might discuss the latest Taylor Swift video. Engage with prospects by asking open-ended questions.
  15. Host a Twitter Space: Set up a live Twitter chat with your followers by leveraging Twitter Spaces, a new social audio tool. Here they can ask you questions, get advice or discuss an important topic with you. You can cross-promote the transcript on your blog, company website, Facebook page or Instagram.

BONUS: Want to use Twitter to get press coverage? One of the best ways to get a journalist to read your pitches is to engage with them on Twitter. Take a vested interest in what they write and re-tweet content that you find useful. Furthermore, use social media to research the beat they cover before you pitch them.

Use Twitter to build relationships with journalists on your media list. Network with reporters and learn about their interests and desires by following what they cover in between stories. 

RMG PR Tip of the day: Look for journalists’ queries in real-time by searching for #journorequest

Expand social media exposure for your business on Twitter.


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