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Social Media Keynote Speaker Kris Ruby Millennial Awards


Kris Ruby Social Media Keynote

“Millennials urged to create legacies on social media”

Social Media Strategist Kris Ruby was the Keynote Speaker the 2019 Westfair Communications Millennial Awards.

social media keynote speaker kris rubyKris Ruby told attendees that living in the social media age gives millennials a unique opportunity to have a lasting impact.

“You have this huge opportunity to take the knowledge base that you have developed and acquired in your career starting now,” she said. “You can record it in so many different ways that have not been available to people that have come before us.”

Ruby, who has more than a dozen years’ experience in public relations and has been a featured commentator on Fox News, CNBC, “Good Morning America” and other television stalwarts, said millennials who are social media-savvy have unique opportunities to create legacies incorporating the knowledge they accumulate throughout their careers.

“Just having all of this knowledge in and of itself in your brain isn’t enough,” she advised. “I believe as leaders, we have the responsibility to pass knowledge on. One of the ways that I believe we can do that is through social media.”


Ruby said that one of her goals is to change the perception of women on television.

“Watch what people say about men when they’re on TV,” she said. “What they say is, ‘I heard what you had to say, you sounded really great.’ What do we say about women when they’re on TV? ‘You look great.’ And one of my key missions as a woman on television is to change that conversation …. to say ‘you sounded great. I heard what you had to say and it resonated with me.’”

She advised the millennials that as their careers progress they should surround themselves with people who will push them to greater heights and not to be content with “yes men.”

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Take a proactive approach to social media legacy planning

According to Ruby Media Group Founder Kristen Ruby, people spend more time thinking about how to build a digital footprint than they do thinking about how to handle their digital footprint after they are gone. This can put family members in a difficult situation.

Ideally, you should decide what happens with your digital footprint. You need to be in the driver’s seat. Part of building a legacy is also thinking about what happens after you are gone. This is where responsible social media estate planning comes in.

Assign a legacy contact on the social media platforms you are active on to preserve your digital footprint. A trusted friend or family member can decide to deactivate the account or turn it into a legacy account. Put this in writing while you are still healthy.

Social Media Expert Kris Ruby on creating a digital legacy

By disrupting the norm, individuals have the power to create a more impactful and memorable presence. As leaders, we have a responsibility to pass on knowledge, and social media can be a powerful tool for doing so.

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