Social Media Expert Kris Ruby on FOX NEWS with Shepard Smith “Facebook Privacy Feature Dropped”

Social Media & PR Expert Kris Ruby joined FOX NEWS Shepard Smith to share about the new changes to Facebook’s privacy and how users will be impacted.

Watch here 

From now on, there is no way to prevent your Timeline from coming up when someone searches for you by name. When enabled, the setting removes the ability for users to access a Timeline profile via search, even when a user puts in the exact name of the person he or she is locating.

These major Facebook changes impact the larger social media privacy discussion.  Facebook says that currently only “single-digit percentage” of their users had the settings activated. While that may seem low, at 1.2 billion profiles, even at one percent that is still 12 million people who didn’t easily want to be found.

People who were on Facebook who thought they could keep a “hidden identity” will now need to decide if they should get off the site altogether. This raises the larger question: if you don’t want to be found and don’t want to be “social” should you really even be on social media?

In 2014, people really need to understand if they want to be active on social media they are giving up a certain amount of privacy. This needs to stop coming as a shock to people that are active on these platforms.