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Tech Trends: the top photo sharing apps you need to know

Social Media TV Expert Kris Ruby Fox & Friends


Take advantage of the last days of summer to share your photos on social media platforms.

– Display your digital photos using apps like Instagram and Camera+, which can enhance social media photos.

– To use Instagram with its built-in filters and effects, size the photo before editing it and fix any color issues using After Light.

– Camera Plus is a great old school camera app that has adjustable settings for brightness, contrast, and temperature for a more powerful image

– Camera+ has great features like after light, which makes your pictures more vibrant and easier to see.

How to store photos online for iPhone and Android.

– For iPhone users, use Apple’s iOS Photos app to store photos online.

– If you don’t have an iPhone, or if you want to store photos offline, Google Photos is a good option.

– Use tools like Dropbox to store your photos so they are accessible even if you don’t have an iPhone or Google Photos account.