Social Media Business Netiquette Tips ABC Good Morning CT, Kris Ruby RMG


Here are my top tips from my Social Media Business Netiquette segment on ABC Good Morning CT

“How Social Media is Impacting your Sales Cycle & Business Reputation: Avoid these Top 5 Mistakes”

1- Do not check in on foursquare when meeting with a prospect

2- Do not post pictures of meetings with prospects, free lunches they give you or anything else until the contract is signed! This will alert all of your competitors that follow you on your social networks that company X has an RFP out with other agencies

3-Avoid over sharing- be discreet with what you post- and if you find this too hard to manage then create 2 separate accounts- 1 for business, 1 for personal

4- Be consistent with your status updates- People do not want to see a changed relationship status and broken heart next to their “trusted advisor” that they have paid money to hire- this looks very inconsistent and can make them lose trust in your ability to make stable decisions- if you are in a rocky relationship or are a serial dater- it is best not to write any relationship status at all

5-Use the same “sick” rules you used in high school- When you called out sick in high school, it was best not to be seen running around the playground the same day.  The same rules apply for social media- if you are using a “sick” day- don’t go posting on twitter or facebook that you are actually on a 2 day vacation and you are having a great time! This is the easiest way to get fired