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Ruby Media Summer Associates of 2014 Award Winners Revealed!

Well, it is that time of year again when our Summer Associates head back to school. We are really going to miss them! Every year, we get so excited to welcome in our incoming class of Summer Associates. This summer, we had the pleasure of working with some incredibly bright, dynamic young ladies. These women really impressed us; their dedication to the PR industry, commitment to learning, and their hands-on approach was truly inspiring.

We accept less than 4% of incoming summer associates to our program. We spend an extraordinary amount of time training our associates and setting up an integrated communications program for them throughout the summer which includes access to Bulldog Reporters PR University Training program, networking events, summer social events, daily challenges to hone their skills in the field and intensive resume and cover letter workshops.

One of the most important things about an internship or associate PR program is the ability to maintain a strong work ethic throughout the entire program, not just at the beginning or end of the summer. Every single day you have a new opportunity to wow your boss and impress them with your skills. But most importantly, the best internship or associate programs are ones where it is a two-way relationship, where you are not only learning from your boss but where they are learning from you also. Here are the top 10 PR lessons you can learn from the RMG Summer Associate Class of 2014.

Top 10 Things To Do at your PR Internship

  1. Show up on time. Every single day.
  2. Always say yes. The people that say yes always get the most out of their internships. If your boss spends time hand selecting networking events or opportunities for you to enhance your skills, they don’t get anything out of you showing up. They are doing it for you to try to give you opportunities to expand your skillset. Take advantage of these and make the most of them.
  3. Be nice. This may seem obvious- but people work with people they like. No one wants to work with a mean girl. Everyone wants to get along as a collective team. The nicer you are to your team, the better experience you will collectively have.
  4. Don’t judge. Yes, this is a fast-paced industry. We move at the speed of lighting. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and a method to the madness. Don’t get caught up on the craziness of any one aspect of it. The industry is a rollercoaster. Embrace the speed of it and fully immerse yourself in it.
  5. Speak your mind. Believe it or not, your boss may like if you challenge them with an idea. It is ok to fight back with strong convictions if you believe a different strategy makes sense. We like seeing a fresh perspective, and no one wants to work with a “yes maam” team member all the time.
  6. Have respect. Yes, I said it. Respect your elders. Whether they are five years older then you or twenty years older then you, they got to where they are for a reason. Don’t talk about them because they will always find out. Be gracious. It goes a long way.
  7. The early bird gets the worm. If your boss presents an opportunity for you to do something at 6 am on a Saturday morning, do it. Don’t say no. Those rare opportunities can often lead to the most enriching learning experiences.
  8. Seek clarification. Remember, your boss is extremely busy. The people that do the best always ask the most questions so they can meet expectations on deliverables.
  9. Use social media. Your boss or internship coordinator spends a great deal of time putting together a program of events for you every summer to enrich your skills in the field. We love to see when associates share photos or tweet about their experience at these events. It goes a long way to know you enjoyed the programs we put together for you.
  10. No task is too big or too small. There will be times when you have to do smaller tasks that you may not want to do- like stuffing 100 swag bags or moving boxes to and from an event. Remember, your boss has to do the very same thing you do and if you are lucky will be sitting right there with you doing it also. Success is about achieving the desired result through maximum performance- it is not about a power struggle.

Congrats to this year’s Summer Associate Class of 2014.

Ruby Media Group Summer Associate PR Awards:

Caroline Arnold- Broadcast Communications Award Recipient, 2014

Rachel Robbins- Event Marketing Award Recipient, 2014

Colleen Bennis- Social Media Strategist Award Recipient, 2014

Catherine Chumakov- International Relations, PR Strategist Award Recipient, 2014

Summer PR associates at Ruby Media Group

Way to go! You did it!!