How to Become Insta Famous: Instagram Star Jen Selter Case Study

Recognize the name Jen Selter? You may have read about this Instagram celeb in Elle or The NY Post recently. Selter started off with the vision of helping people get motivated through their workouts, but she has become Insta famous! According to The NY Post, The Roslyn, LI, native has gained a cult following for her unique ability to simultaneously serve as inspiration for tens of thousands of women.  With over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, Selter is now being offered endorsement deals from major talent agencies. Most recently, she signed an agreement with The Legacy Agency, a sports management company that represents NFL players such as Reggie Bush. Lets take a look at how Selter climbed the road to Insta Fame.

How to become Insta famous:

Selter created various social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.  She started off by posting selfies, food photos and going out photos. Then, she tweaked her social media strategy and began posting photos of her working out and adding in inspiring quotes. Her workout photos suddenly became more creative.  It was clear that she knew what was attracting her followers, and she built her insta fame around it.  From that moment on, Selter capitalized on what was drawing in the highest number of new followers. She made sure this was the focus of almost every picture.

Want to achieve Selter’s Instagram success?

Tip: Examine who follows you on Instagram. Are there any key trends in the people following you? For example, are they all young girls ages 15-25 who share your passion for Sex and The City quotes or are they 30-45 year old male travelers who share your passion for adventures and parasailing? The more you examine who follows you, the greater insight you will have into who your core audience is and how to market around it. The biggest mistake people make on Instagram is ignoring who their core follower base actually is and where it comes from. Once you study it, you can begin to share content and create a community around those that share your passion.

How to keep the followers coming?

Selter posed around New York City, always remembering to flaunt her assets that were drawing in new followers. She came up with interesting captions such as “Empire state of mind” with a picture of her in a workout position and the Empire State building in the background. She started posting #seltering and even created her own hashtag. People started hashtagging this with picture of themselves in workout clothing.  They wanted to be her.

Tip to achieve Selters Insta Fame: Create your own hashtag that your followers can use to post photos. This is a great way to build a community.

So you want to be an Insta Celeb?

To be Insta Famous, you have to stand out. You need to have one value proposition that sets you apart from the rest and keeps fans coming back for more. The key here is creating compelling content. In Instagram terms, the content needs to be visually appealing. What one asset do you have that you can show visually that separates you apart from the rest? How can you create content that makes people want to be part of your movement or trend?

When you look closely at Instagram stars, they all have one thing in common: They build a community around a niche market.

Whether it is green juice, working out, or even highlighted body parts, people go to them as the “go to” expert and can’t get enough of their content. How can you leverage the content you create to be inspiring? How can you share things that make others want to replicate what you are doing and be part of your movement? How can you take something so personal and make everyone else feel connected? This is the key to Instagram success.













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