RMG in The Wall Street Journal – Creating a brand

Wall Street Journal Feature- Creating a Brand for a New Business- here are Kris Ruby, President & Founder of Ruby Media Group’s answers for how to effectively tap into social media to build a brand

“I’m a freelancer looking to build a company around my services. What tips can you offer for creating a solid brand?”

Create a new brand

Kris RubyCreating a brand for new business

You can create a brand for your business by effectively executing a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that includes utilizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging. Opening up a two-way communication channel with customers is vital for building a brand for your business in Web 2.0. Recommendations from bloggers and influencers in your industry are also critical to securing your “brand equity” online.

The best way to begin building your brand is to communicate and engage with followers, rather than by trying to market to them. Build “social engagement” into your company’s social media strategy, as opposed to promotional tweets and Facebook posts, which can hurt your brand equity in the long run.

Here are my top tips for building brand equity in social media sites for every business owner:

  • Set up Google alerts for your company.
  • Create a Facebook fan page, Twitter page and LinkedIn profile page for your company.
  • Secure a minimum of five recommendations on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Build geographically targeted lists on Twitter that other community members will want to follow.
  • Optimize all blog content for search engine optimization visibility.
  • Guest blog for brand diversification.
  • Join relevant industry-related groups on key social media platforms.
  • Lead a webinar on a newsworthy topic in your industry to distinguish yourself as an opinion leader.
  • Publicize your availability by creating press releases for speaking engagements.
  • Become a columnist to earn “Internet” brand equity. You’ll also gain inbound traffic to your company’s site if you write compelling content.
  • Respond to queries posted on Helpareporterout.com (HARO) and Profnet.com for quick PR hits.

Digital Referrals and “Word of Mouse” Marketing

Digital referrals are the best referrals.

The best way to get your clients to refer you to other clients is through social media “word of mouse” viral marketing. Digital testimonials, specifically on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are ideal ways to share past testimonials of work completed with your entire network. 

Recommendations from bloggers and influencers in your industry are also critical to securing your online brand equity and digital authority. 

People are more likely to trust peer reviews and recommendations as opposed to ads. 

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