Westfair Social Media Debate

Ruby Media Group President Kris Ruby participated in Westchester County Business Journals Social Media Debate held at Benjamin Steakhouse on March 21st. Panelists included Ted Miller of Datakey Consulting and Author B.J. Mendelson. The debate was moderated by Liz Bracken Thompson of Thompson- Bender. This was a fiery debate and we were happy to participate in it! Did you attend the debate? Who did you think won?

Here is what Westchester Social Media Specialist Chris Cornell had to say:

“This was the best social media presentation I’ve seen in the Westchester area. Great venue (Benjamin Steakhouse), top-notch sound system (each participant was wired and easy to hear), and excellent subject matter. This was the first panel discussion I can remember where the panelists actually had materially differing views. The result was a debate where the comments were actually interesting and enlightening. Really enjoyed hearing the local Westchester social media “advocates” Kris Ruby and Ted Miller, as well as “Social Media is Bull%$#@” author B.J. Mendelson. Nice job of moderating by Elizabeth Bracken-Thompson. It was fine that Bruce Newman left it a draw — I’m sure everyone selected their own winner. I hope the format of this event leads to more like it. –Chris S. Cornell