Top Tips to Re-Engage Your Social Media Audience

Looking for ways to re-engage your social media audience? Here are RMG’s top tips to re-engage, re-energize and re-fuel your social media content strategy.

We recently read a great article over the weekend by Drew McLellan discussing the 10-year Anniversary Facebook movies Facebook allowed users to create. He raised an interesting question: “If your Facebook Business Page had a movie, what content would show up in it that your fans took the time to enjoy?” We really agree with his main point here-“Seems like this movie gift was a very good reminder to all of us that Facebook (whether it is our personal page or a business page) is all about the audience and what they care about.”  As a follow up to his article, we came up with some fresh ideas for your business to re-engage your social communities.

Tweak Go through Facebook insights and look at the top 10 highest ranked posts by your fans. What did they care most about? What did they like and share the most? Tweak your content strategy accordingly to what your fans find most interesting, not what you find most interesting.

Monitor Selfie Hashtags for your Brand Create a selfie campaign for your customers. While I do not advocate open ended “selfies,” I do think they are a powerful tool for brands to connect with their customers. Search the hashtag of your brand on Instagram and Twitter. What photos do people post with this hashtag when they are using your service, at your restaurant, or experiencing your brand? Connect with that content and make that a central focus of your social strategy.

Tell Better Stories Understand your brands story and tell it. One of the biggest mistakes brands still make on social media in 2014 is using social channels as a promotional tool versus a storytelling tool. Understand what story your brand is trying to tell, and use social media as a way to tell the story. Every post every day should be a different way to tell the central story. There is a direct correlation between positive brand story telling and user engagement.

Measure The best way to re-engage fans is to measure what is working. Measure what your fans really connect with. Another big mistake brands make is getting lost in the editorial content calendar shuffle. They are so obsessed with posting and keeping up with the social media rat race that they forget to actually measure what’s working. Pause. If you are not continually measuring what has the greatest impact with your audience, you will lose followers, and it will ultimately damage the value of the community you are trying to create.

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