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The New Résumé: It’s 140 Characters


How do you use social media to land a job?

According to a recent WSJ article, Twitter is becoming the new job board. It is also becoming the new résumé.

Fed up with traditional recruiting sites and floods of irrelevant résumés, some recruiters are turning to the social network to post jobs, hunt for candidates and research applicants.


















Social Media Expert Kris Ruby of Ruby Media Group appeared on FOX BUSINESS Money with Melissa to share social media recruiting tips.

Candidates are now finding new ways to use Twitter to find a job. Social media savvy job candidates should follow the new rules of recruiting on Twitter to be most successful in landing their dream job.

The Top 3 rules of recruiting on Twitter for candidates

  1.  Identify your most unique attributes in 140 characters and include a link to your online portfolio
  2.  If you do land the interview, don’t tweet about what the interviewer asks you during or after the interview- keep it private
  3. Clean up your other Tweets. Having a creative resume tweet is important, but a recruiter will go through all of your other tweets to gauge your writing style. Make sure any profanity or slang is removed.