Social Media Pre-Nup

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we started thinking about the correlation between social media and cheating.










An increasing number of marriages are breaking up due to inappropriate social media activity, which begs the question: is it more important now than ever before to have a pre-nup?

Social Media Expert Kris Ruby of Westchester PR Agency Ruby Media Group weighs in

In 2012, divorce lawyers surveyed by Divorce-Online UK said that Facebook was implicated in a third of all divorce filings the previous year.

Almost one in five online divorce petitions dealt with by one firm cite Facebook in one way or another.

It is now easier then ever to catch your spouse cheating on social media sites such as Facebook, or even the new dating review app Lulu, which enables women to tap into their existing Facebook network to review the males performance and likeability “ratings” she is associated with from her Facebook friends.

Imagine how shocked you would be to find out that your husband was just rated on Lulu last week by an anonymous Facebook friend on his “performance.” Social media cheating scandals like this are happening at an increasingly high rate. In order to be prepared for a social media cheating scandal, you need to have a social media pre-nup in place which covers digital cheating.

The world has changed- has your pre-nup changed with it to reflect the new rules of dating?

Top 4 ways to check if your partner is digitally cheating

Ask your active “Tinder” friends to see if they spot your partner on the dating app

Do a quick Lulu search to see if your partner has recently been reviewed

Check to see if you notice any suspicious Facebook inbox messages

The new Mac software links imessages to multiple devices. If anything is suspicious, this is another clear giveaway.

If you find anything, don’t delete it. Take a screenshot and capture it.