Ruby’s Roundup: Top Photo Editing Apps to Enhance your Selfies

Recently photo editing experts have pointed out some inconsistencies in Beyonce’s Instagram photos that may indicate she had them photoshopped to make her thighs looks thinner.  

However, Beyonce is not the first celebrity to be accused of photoshopping personal social media posts. The Kardashians, Miranda Kerr and Britney Spears have also posted questionable photos on social media.  

Because of the instant gratification component of Instagram, people think you are automatically uploading an unretouched photo to Instagram.

But now with a plethora of AI editing apps, anyone can retouch photos without having to be a pro at Photoshop.

Stars..they are just like us.. on Social Media?

But look at how easy it is to alter a photo with these apps! 


  • Facetune “just swipe for perfect skin” with their erase feature and remove wrinkles and lines instantly
  • Don’t like your teeth? Whiten them with the whitening feature
  • Easily remove blemishes

social media app facetune

Visage Lab

  • Easily apply “skin makeup and eye makeup” shine removal and take years off your face with the layering feature

visage social media

Selfie Photo Editor

  • Claims to transform your selfie from simple to #stunning
  • Smooth, bronze or whiten your skin
  • Change your eye color or plump your limps
  • Thin your face and cheeks- you can even use the shrink tool to shrink your nose

GoSexy- Face and body tune for selflies

  • Allows you to re-shape your face and body. You can “plump your lips, lift your nose and change the shape of your body” with this app.
  • GoSlim- make yourself thinner
  • GoSexy- add curves
  • GoFit- Slimming effect on belly, waist, arm and legs
  • GoNose-lift your nose, NEW feature

gosexy app

How can you tell if photos have been edited?

With photo retouching apps so readily available, it is easy to tell which photos have been edited. Look to see if objects or lines that are supposed to be straight appear to be wavy or distorted. This most likely means that the photos were not professionally photoshopped, rather they were haphazardly altered using some less sophisticated app.  In the specific Beyonce incident, the staircase she is walking down appears to curve upwards. The reflection of the same staircase can be seen in another photo and it appears to be normal.  You can also look at the skin tone- if their skin looks completely “flawless” it was most likely retouched.

It’s a New World- Get Used to it

Retouched Instagram photos are becoming the new retouched Magazine and Advertising photos.

People expect print ads and magazines to be retouched, but NOT Instagram photos. They need to lower their expectations that everything they see on Instagram is authentic.

A lot of what you see on social media is photoshopped and filtered just like traditional media

What do you think about celebrities using apps to enhance their photos?

Would you use any of these photo-editing apps to alter your selfies?