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 Social Media For Personal Branding

What’s The Best Way to Increase the Size of Your Network? YEC- The Huffington Post

Young entrepreneur council: Best way to increase you network

The best way to increase the size of your network is to create and enhance your personal brand in digital communities. Personal branding is critical for gaining brand equity in social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Increase your network by sharing relevant content and always striving to add value to the conversation. People will naturally be intrigued and want to follow you.
–Kris Ruby (@sparklingruby), founder of Ruby Media Group

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MASHABLE- 8  Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get More Out of Twitter

Engage With Your Followers

KrisAfter running Ruby Media Group, a social media, and personal branding agency for over a year now, my best tip for using Twitter to market to customers and fans is to not market! This sounds contrary to everything traditional marketers know, but the best companies on Twitter create conversations with fans and become “followers” of their lives, making their product embedded into their daily lives.

– Kris Ruby

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