Social Media expert Kris Ruby on Fox & Friends: Top Apps of the Week: Lulu & Knozen

Social Media Expert & Ruby Media CEO Kris Ruby appeared live on Fox & Friends to discuss the hottest new apps and social media stories this week.

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Anonymous apps are all the rage.. Lulu for men.. Yelp for Restaurants.. and now Knozen to rate your coworkers. But would you really rate your coworkers on this new app?
Benefits- Crowdsourced personality profile. Perhaps this will encourage people to increase performance AFTER they get the job.. not only before. The app can be used to let co workers know their positive personality traits and what makes them unique which could potentially be good for bonding, forming relationships and camaraderie in the office.
Another potential benefit? Instant gratification and feedback. Millenials always want to know what others think of them and how well they are doing. Now they will be able to instantly gauge their “likability factor” through an anonymous app.
The biggest negative? This app has the potential to be an HR nightmare. I can just see all the defamation lawsuits start pouring in..
LULU Map of America
Lulu’s Map of America characterizes the unique qualities of men across different cities throughout the country. From a PR perspective, this is a great example of a solid PR strategy leveraging unique content and data to generate buzz. To do the same, put your unique data to use and create an infographic around it!

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