social media new years resolutions

Reminders on Social Media Etiquette in the New Year

Social Media Expert Kris Ruby on Fox & Friends with Clayton Morris sharing top tips for social media etiquette in the New Year










Social Media New Year’s Resolutions

Mind your Digital Manners

1) Be present. Focus on being in the present moment with the people around you. Stop trying to stage the perfect life on social media. People today are so focused on capturing the perfect photo of their food on Instagram rather than savoring the taste of it and enjoying it. They want to share their check-in and filtered photos rather than actually be where they are. Also, use photo effects to enhance photos, not altogether alter them. People know when pictures are over photoshopped and over-filtered.

2) Remember, what you post is public. If you wouldn’t want your tweet plastered on the cover of The New York Times, then don’t post it. Your snarky tweets that you think are hysterical may be misinterpreted and offensive to the company you represent and the public at large. Do you really want a social media etiquette mistake to be the reason you get fired this year?

3) Stop overusing hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to categorize content, but they are often overused. Think before you hashtag. Is every single hashtag you want to use really necessary? Before you write your next set of hashtags, insert the phrase “I am” and read it out loud. For example, if you were going to hashtag #fabulous #gorgeous #amazing- try saying out loud, “I am fabulous, gorgeous and amazing.” Is that really the message you are trying to put out there about yourself?

4) Establish social media privacy boundaries. Whether you are talking to someone on ichat, Facebook chat, or even Tinder, establish your social media privacy boundaries upfront. If you are exchanging personal photos or racy texts, make sure you have established some hardcore privacy rules upfront before engaging. And if you are thinking about screenshotting someone’s texts or tinder messages and blasting them on a website, don’t do it. Think before you post. Don’t attract negative social media karma in the New Year.

5) Don’t be THAT person. “LIKE ME, ATTEND WITH ME, PLAY THIS GAME WITH ME. PLEASE.” Sounds pretty desperate, right? Everyone knows that person on Facebook who is always inviting them to like their fan page, play candy crush or Farmville or attend their New Years Party. Stop with the excessive invites. If we aren’t friends in real life, then why would I attend your event? If they aren’t a customer or potential customer of your business in real life, what makes you think they will suddenly like your business on Facebook? Think more strategically about who you invite to “like”, “fan”, and “attend” before sending.

6) Update your status only when necessary. We get it, your single, and you want to show your ex that you have moved on and have a hot new love. But do your coworkers really need to witness the breakup and makeup through numerous status updates and photos of broken hearts showing in their newsfeed? Unless you are getting engaged or married, stop changing your relationship status every 5 minutes. It makes you look really unstable, especially to your friends who are settled down. Update your status when it really is a “milestone.” Bottom line- stop oversharing and don’t over-post.

7) Save the Selfies. Yes, “selfie” is the 2013 Word of the Year. But that doesn’t mean you need to contribute any more selfies than you already have. Enough with the duck lips and staged selfies. We know what you look like. Do we really need to see you from every angle in every outfit you own?