Microsoft Social Media 201 Conference in Seattle- Kris Ruby to speak on Personal Brand Authenticity

Building Your Brand Socially

Conversations about your brand and your products and those of your competitors are happening online right now. Learn how can you listen, engage and build your brand socially.

Personal Branding and Social Media Marketing is a complete lifestyle change. It involves getting in the habit of sharing information publicly as opposed to privately, and this may seem overwhelming for many at first. Personal Branding expert Kristen Ruby will present how to build a personal brand and transition into a “social” lifestyle and how individuals can establish leverage social media to establish credibility as opinion leaders in their respect industry. Additionally, Kristen will describe the important steps to navigate through the Personal Branding process, from creating your online presence to maintaining and expanding network connections.


Speaker Reviews:

“Kristen Ruby did an outstanding job for the Columbia Business School Alumni Club’s Social Networking workshop that she conducted in Greenwich, Connecticut earlier this year.  Not only were her slides well-organized but her presentation manner was engaging and articulate. Based on the enthusiastic response from the audience we  plan to have her back for a follow-up session!” Dean Gamanos, Co-Chair Columbia Business Alumni Club of NY

“Kris Ruby led a roundtable on Personal Branding at the BDI Social Integration Conference that was useful and informative. As the President of of NY AMA, I am very aware that social media  is an important new frontier in marketing and Kris was able to speak to and engage the multiple generations of marketers at her roundtable on the topic.” Rick Kendall, President, NY America Marketing Association (NYAMA)