Nomophobia and other top stories in the nation

Social Media Expert Kris Ruby was on Fox & Friends discussing ‘Nomophobia’ and the hottest stories in the nation.

Top Stories in the Nation- Ruby Weighs in!

Miss Delaware- Media Strategy Miss? There is a difference between a short-term vs. long-term media strategy. If you check social media, most people will side with Miss Delaware after her media appearance today. However, it will fizzle out quickly because she didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to tie this into a larger issue that many Americans face besides her- ageism. As a PR consultant, I would have told her to be cheery (not cry), to not complain and to keep her composure. She had an opportunity for America take her side on this (for the long term) if she shared her story and tied it into a larger issue of age discrimination. Don’t complain – the larger story here is ageism – raise awareness about that, not about losing your crown.

Friend Zone. Do I think the friend zone exists? Absolutely! However, we are seeing a resurgence back to traditional methods of dating- and why not start with a friend you actually know vs. someone you have never met on an online dating app? We have seen countless movies about friends falling in love including:

  • When Harry Met Sally
  • No Strings Attached
  • Friends with Benefits

Instead of looking at the friend zone as a bad place, view it as an opportunity to date someone who you already know really well!

Smartphone Dinner Etiquette DYK Nomophobia (fear of being without your smartphone) affects 40% of the population? The best way to leverage social media is to BE social, so you have content to post after your social activities on social media. The problem today is that everyone is actually being anti-social with obsessive social media checking at the dinner table. Rather than being present and engaging with the people around them, they are using social media to replace their real-life social interactions.  My advice? If you want to succeed in your social life, put away your phone or you will irritate people so much that they won’t even want to take a photo with you after dinner to post on your social media! Focus on being present with those around you and forming real relationships. Fox and friends Nomophobia Nomophobia