FORBES- 8 Tips to Avoid Turning into a Facebook Creep

In Kiri Blakeleys latest FORBES article “8 tips to avoid turning into a Facebook Creep,” Blakeley gives users must have tips to avoid looking like a Facebook stalker.  Some of her tips include “Defining your goals,” “Manage your Facebook time,” “Defriend” and “Have a Signifcant Other conversation.”  Her tips are great, read the full article here

I love that Blakeley touches on some of the main points that we discuss in the issues of New Media Dating. “I’m seeing at least two new clients a week for Facebook issues,” says psychotherapist and Metro advice columnist Jonathan Alpert. “Most of the problems I see are connected to relationships, and women present more frequently with these types of issues.” These issues, says Alpert, take forms such as: “Why hasn’t he changed his relationship status?” or “He still has pictures of his ex up!” or “Is his new girlfriend prettier than me?”

These issues represent a sociological shift in how technology is impacting relationships and courtship.  People need to keep up with these changes or there will be serious implications- which I discussed in my latest JMAG column on how social media is impacting the engagement process.