Digital Monogamy

Digital Monogamy

Digital compatibility is a real issue in today’s business environment.

Social media is a challenge for anyone entering a new relationship (business or personal). For someone who is very plugged into social media, quick judgments can be made based on someone’s digital habits.

For someone who could care less about social media, all of it seems foreign to them and irrelevant.

How do you balance both when starting a new relationship in today’s digitally connected world?

Social media non-believers and social media aficionados will have a hard time agreeing on this one.

While a social media expert may want digital monogamy, the social media non-believer could care less.

If you are ready to cleanse your social media and be open to the possibility of a new relationship, be sure to clean up your social media and apply these detox rules.

Digital Dating Karma Cleanse

5 Step Plan:

  • Un-friend ex’s on social media sites
  • Remove tagged photos of ex’s that may give the wrong impression to someone new in your life
  • Respect social media boundaries when tagging or posting about your date
  • Do not like others posts on Instagram that would be offensive to your significant other
  • Do not flirt through liking, following and cryptic tagging

Is it insecure to ask for digital monogamy? I say absolutely not. In fact, it is a sign of security and respecting healthy boundaries, both offline and online.

While the social media non-believer may see this as irrelevant, the digitally connected needs this to feel safe and secure. If you respect their boundaries offline, why not respect their boundaries online, too?

digital monogamy

If you don’t believe that digital monogamy is a real issue, be sure to click here to view what happens when this isn’t sorted out upfront.