Dating and Social Media: Facebook is the ‘Virtual Living Room’ ABC Good Morning CT


Is Social Media Keeping you Single? Here are my top tips for creating a cohesive online identity:

– Clean up your digital footprint because whether you like it or not your date will perform an online search of you
– Remove pictures of your ex on your social networks if you are serious about entering into a new relationship
– Do not post status updates about your dates as new privacy restrictions may make your updates visible to everyone including your date (social media is not as private as you may think)
– Be creative with your profile! Create a profile that is unique and sets you apart from the rest. However, don’t make it so “creative” that if someone looks you up on Facebook, Twitter® or LinkedIn® they will think you are several different people.
– Once you have taken the “virtual” relationship offline, do not connect online during your date! Stay off your phone, it is the easiest way to kill the chances of a second date. Courtship is still very much alive, despite the rise of social media.


One Response to “Dating and Social Media: Facebook is the ‘Virtual Living Room’ ABC Good Morning CT”

  1. SYRCOURT on

    I am disliking Facebook more and more each day. It is hurting my relationship with my boyfriend right now. His ex writes on his wall all the time, I find him in pictures with girls I don't like and I can see every part of his life making me more upset than I need to be. I know I have nothing to worry about and I can trust him so why do I let everything from Facebook bother me? It has gotten so bad I cannot even bear to look at his page anymore. Pretty pathetic, eh?