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Entrepreneur Magazine: Back from the Brink: Surviving Startup Stress

Check out Jason Fells latest article on the home page of Entrepreneur  I particularly love his intro with Disney!

“Master animator and entrepreneur Walt Disney suffered an emotional meltdown in 1931, three years after the debut of Mickey Mouse in the cartoonSteamboat Willie. He was cracking under the pressure of running Walt Disney Studio and overseeing a brand that was beginning to receive global recognition.

“I had a hell of a breakdown,” Disney recalls in a TV biography called Walt: The Man Behind the Myth. “I got to the point that I couldn’t talk on the telephone. I’d begin to cry.”

Disney ultimately began to better manage stress by traveling with his wife, Lillian, and by playing polo. For other business owners, the road to recovering from work-related tensions isn’t so clear. “Stress reduces the entrepreneur’s ability to make effective decisions and manage risk, which creates additional stress,” explains Dick Thompson, author of The Stress Effect: Why Smart Leaders Make Dumb Decisions — And What to Do About It (Jossey-Bass, 2010).” Jason Fell, Entrepreneur Magazine, copyright 

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Definitely also want to give a major shout out and thank you to my business coach Bonnie Haber of Corporate Calm, who worked with me through surviving “startup stress” Thanks Bonnie! Highly recommend her




Dig Boston: Up- Start, Socializing Your Business and social media snubbing!

Dig Boston published an interview today titled “Up-Start,” Socializing your Business, where Justin Korn summarized some of my main takeaways for business owners to start their own companies.  My Favorite part, where he discussed my notion of “social media snubbing.” Have you been snubbed?

“Within the next few weeks or so, approximately 300,000 students will migrate back to Boston for the fall. Essentially, Boston is a college town at heart; it gave rise to some of the most prolific minds in the country. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are products of Boston, names that bring as much pride to Boston as Ted Williams and Bobby Orr. Whether or not you attend a university or have a B.A. in basket weaving, Boston’s youth is driving an entrepreneurial movement that is exciting and promising.

Got any top 40 entrepreneurs under 40? We do. She’s only 23 and she’s wise beyond her years.

Kristen Ruby, founder of Ruby Media Group—an agency that specializes in Social Media Marketing, Public Relations and Personal Branding—is another product of her environment: Boston. She graduated from Boston University’s College of Communications and patented RMG (Ruby Media Group LLC) right after graduation. While RMG is well on its way to climbing Forbes’ lists in years to come, Kristen’s goal is paving the way for other young-minded thinkers to drink the Kool-Aid and start their own company.

So instead of sending out hundreds of resumes, deforesting ponderosa pine trees with your printed CVs, try creating your own job stability. Yes, you still need to put food on the table, and yes, you will have to motivate yourself to turn off Springer’s paternity test specials and take charge! But, there’s nothing like being your own boss— ask anyone, especially Kristen.

In Short, Kristen came to a lot of realizations that if left untreated, clash together in a not-so-pretty midlife crisis. Kristen interned for a company that later gave her a “trial run” as a social media specialist, which would eventually turn into a full-time regular job. During her internship, she was lucky enough to discover her passion for social media, albeit she also became weary of answering to a higher power— the boss. Kristen jettisoned big corporate America, taking what she learned and delivering a product businesses thrive on. She interned, she saw, and she conquered.” (Copyright Dig Boston, Justin Korn)

For more, read the FULL article here!




RMG- Time Magazine & Gratitude for The YEC

RMG was recently featured in Time Magazine– another reason why we love the YEC and why the YEC rocks! I would like to especially thank Scott Gerber, Ryan Paugh and Natalie MacNeil for bringing me into this amazing group as a founding member. They inspire me every day, and I am so honored that Scott included me in this column on Time. I urge everyone to look into their businesses, and the YEC. They are crushing it. Thank you again! Totally honored to be included in this awesome column and hopefully inspire some other entrepreneurs!

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