PR Communications Process Planning

January has been a very busy month for Ruby Media Group! From annual editorial calendar planning, to annual media buying for clients, we have been quite busy! One of the most interesting trends we noticed across the board with all our clients is the need for process creation in their communication channels. As companies learn to use new forms of digital marketing, there needs to be a repeatable process in place for employees to leverage the technology for maximum impact. We have spent a lot of time creating strategic management process guides for internal PR, Social Media and Marketing for our clients as a framework for 2014. Here are some tips for you to do the same for your companies marketing.

Key Takeaway: A Campaign is only as good as its execution

For example, lets say you work with your PR agency to develop a strong PR plan. The PR agency has drafted the release, created a custom media list and distributed it to reporters. Success! A reporter calls one of your internal employees to ask about the release you just put out. Problem- the employee is not aware of the release details and refutes the statement made in a release. All of this could be avoided with a tactical PR Process plan. Before kicking off new campaigns, make sure you have done the following:

Create a PR Communications Process for Employees 

Send the release and media materials you are distributing to all internal employees so they are aware of  relevant details

Make sure employees know to direct all media requests to the publicist or CEO (employees should not be speaking directly to the media- this is the function of the PR agency)

Share a campaign timeline of deliverables with all employees so they know when certain aspects of the campaign will kick off and won’t be caught off guard if an employee comes in to redeem something they heard about in the news









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