5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid this Summer

  1. Remember who you are connected with digitally before you post, share, pin or tweet. One of the biggest mistakes people make on social media is posting extravagant party photos on weekend getaways and forgetting that their colleagues and/or clients can see it. If you want to broadcast how well you are doing and that you are “living the high-life” be prepared for co-workers at home to expect you to live up to the same expectations. Drinks on you!
  1. Don’t over check-in. If you are connected to clients on your social media profiles and check in 15 plus times this summer gallivanting around the Hamptons or a tropical island, be prepared to have people ask if you did any work at all this summer. Sometimes, less is more with check-ins.
  1. No one likes a bragger. Guest of a Guest recently captured the phenomenon of people taking photos of their feet while lounging at the pool out East, the “Footside Humble-Brag” shot. It’s okay for major holidays out East, but don’t overdo it.
  1. Hashtag appropriately! Want to show off your summer style? Hashtag the designers you are wearing from head to toe. If you are lucky, they may even follow you back!
  1. Tagging Etiquette. Ask people if they are OK being tagged in your photos on Facebook before blasting a photo of them from the latest charity event. People appreciate being asked, and if you don’t ask before tagging, you may find your friend or follower count quickly dwindling.
Social Media during summer